Notes: Authors should be held to a responsibility of "do no harm"

Matt Gartland writes in Issue Two of The Micropublisher, about a responsibility authors should be held to:

Everyone now has the opportunity to publish a book. As an ardent bookworm and free market entrepreneur, I'm glad. Everyone should have the right to write a book and share it with the world. The process of writing a book, as much as the book itself, is very special to the human experience. The expression of ideas. The retelling of adventures. The exchange of wisdom, science and faith.

But I have grave concerns. While anyone can publish a book, many people don't stop to think if they should.

Like doctors, I firmly believe authors should be held to a responsibility of "do no harm". Just because we have opportunities doesn't absolve us of our responsibilities.

I have long felt deep respect for the power of writing and a responsibility to avoid contributing to the noise. In a time when anyone can publish and say anything for the rest of the world to hear, we need to be more conscious and deliberate with what we say.

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