A Paper Solution to an Electronic Problem

I started to get a sore throat during the day on Sunday and by Monday morning it had become a lot worse. I feel the full effects of a cold or flu, but I'm doing my best to ignore them. Yesterday I decided to take a one week break from working out to let my body recuperate. I completed four straight weeks of my workout routine and with the exception of the aerobic part, I'm going to continue with this routine for another four week cycle. It's only three days a week and I feel that it works each of my major muscles very well. I've also increased my protein intake, so I'm now consuming between 150g - 180g of protein per day.

My new phone, the Nextel i560 has been randomly shutting off. Every 30 minutes or so, I would take it out of the holster only to find that it's not even on. So I turn it back on and put it back in the holster. A little while later, same thing. A couple of times I actually saw it turn off right after I took it out of the holster. So I figured it must have been something I pressed to make it turn off. After a little pushing, poking, and other general torture, I was able replicate the problem, the most important step in diagnosing a something.

Either the phone is defective, or the battery is defective. But whichever it is, the problem is that the area the battery fits into is not the correct size. This makes it possible to press on the back of the phone (or the top when pulling it out of the holster) in just the right spot to push the battery off the gold contacts inside the phone, resulting in the phone shutting off. My solution?

I was on the train to Boston this morning when I figured this out, so I used a piece of paper from the bag of Honey Herb Ricola throat drops I bought earlier this morning. The solution works like a charm! My phone has not turned off once since I "fixed" it. The discovery of this solution makes me wonder if this could be the same problem my mom had when her phone was constantly turning off. She kept bringing it back to the Nextel store but they never seemed to fix it...

My work at Aerva has been going well. I have so much programming work to finish, it's overwhelming. But I love programming, so I'm enjoying it. If only I didn't have so many other responsibilities to worry about. The house on Ware street still hasn't sold, despite being the cheapest 4 family house on the market in this area. I haven't even had anyone interested in taking a look at it! Hopefully the $5k I spent to renovate two of the units will help it sell more quickly.

The temperature for tomorrow is supposed to hit 115F in pockets around southern New England, a new record. All the heat is causing such a drain on the electric grid that New York City is taking measures to conserve electricity wherever it can. This kind of stuff is going to become the norm over the next 10 - 15 years. The extreme heat in the summer and stormy blizzard winters will increase. Ah, another reason for me to start putting money aside to buy a plow this winter.

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  1. ewwwwwwww…. summer flu. Hope you feel better soon.

    Wife was saying that it feels like Viet Nam in Indiana…”soooo hot, everyone said USA cold”. High of 93F here today……. oh soooo cold compared to Lowell.

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