Ready to Indulge?

Do you feel guilty? You should! Are you too weak to stop yourself? Or do you just not care? Do you even know? Again, and again, you keep at it. Disgusting. Take a look at yourself already! Do you lack the common sense that would otherwise help you make the right choice? Maybe you have the common sense, but not the strength and will power to act upon it. It's not going to resolve itself you know; you need to do something about it. Sitting there, peering through those oval spectacles with your nose buried in a book. That book certainly isn't a magic wand, and it certainly isn't helping your problem! Oh, what's the matter? Not feeling good about yourself? Well you shouldn't feel good about yourself. I'll bet you get that feeling quite often. How unhappy that must make you all the time. Wait, if you have so much of that unhappy guilty feeling, then you ought to use it to your advantage and make it the driving force behind getting better. What? No time? Please. If you didn't watch any TV you could transform within a matter of months. Its a mental thing, really. The solution and all the answers are as close as your brain. Can you reach it? No, not your brain! The answer, the solution! Can you reach out and hold onto it for dear life? Come on, how bad do you want it? Oh, what's that? You don't want it? Never mind then. I'm sorry to be the one to inform you of this, but there's no hope for you...

...until you decide you really want it.

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  1. This is how we need to talk to ourselves when we
    know what we want, and what we need to do, but don’t
    do it. Like a good coach, we sometimes need to really
    taunt ourselves into getting off our butt and getting
    our act together.

    Really it does boil down to making up our mind what
    we really want. If our mind is made up, that’s all it really takes. The question is: have we made up our mind?

    The fact is, the mind is ‘made up’ of many thoughts (including memories, attitudes, conflicting desires, etc.). Making the mind one-pointed is a sure formula for success in a particular endeavor, but realistically, the mind is going in many directions (often by necessity, for example, working, studying, dealing with daily issues, etc.). Eventually we realize that usually the determining factor in focussing our mind is our attitude. It is the attitude with which we approach any given situation that ulitmately decides how we will fare in that situation. Whether we are the victim or the victor is decided by our attitude.

  2. I agree that our attitude plays a huge factor in determining the things we will accomplish, however one can have the correct attitude but not the right discipline or desire. Many people will say they whole heartedly “want” a million dollars or a house on a tropical beach, however they lack the discipline and single minded drive that will get them there; most often because without realizing it, they don’t really want it.

    Of course setting realistic goals is also important. You need to take into consideration your current responsibilities, future commitments, and things you have already decided are a “must have” in your life. In other words, your lifestyle comfort level that you’ve become accustom to living and which you falsely believe makes you who you are.