Will any science fiction remain fiction forever?

I came across a news article talking about how scientists are finding ways to cloak objects by using metamaterials to cause light to "flow" around objects, like water flows around a stick placed in a moving stream. It's amazing how much science fiction becomes science fact.

Growing up, I watched StarTrek and StarWars and fully believed things like teleportation and cloaking devices would forever remain pure fiction. Within the past few years I have heard of several research projects and studies which have proven both are possible. We may not have the processing power or the full knowledge of everything required to make an entire spaceship disappear, but scientifically it's possible. And hell, when it's finally possible it will probably look exactly as it does in StarTrek!

Even 50 years ago, cell phones were science fiction. The communicator used in StarTrek inspired Dr. Martin Cooper to invent the cell phone. Science Fiction became Science Fact. A quick glance at a crowd of people will show you just how popular the cell phone has become in the past 25 years alone.

What science fiction object of today will become the next widely used necessity of tomorrow?

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