I Would Donate to Support Digg

As many may already be aware, Digg was recently the site of, what will probably be known historically as, the first real "Internet Revolt". For the less informed, here's what happened:

On May 1st, someone posted a link to a blog which contained a line of code that could be used to unlock the copy protection features of HD-DVD's. Digg in turn, was issued a Cease and Desist declaration by the AACS stating that the code violates copyright law. As any company would do, the Digg administrators removed the original post. However, in response, the Digg community spoke out by flooding Digg with additional story submissions, and comments in unrelated stories, containing the code. Additionally, Digg users "Dugg" the stories and comments which caused the code to be given more visibility on the site. The users made it clear: we believe that we have the right to do what we want with something we purchase using our own hard earned money.

If you buy a door with a lock on it for your house, you can be expected to also be given the key, correct? Why then should any company be able to sell you something and then tell you what you can and cannot do with it? As long as you're not making a profit or mass-reproducing what you bought, where's the harm? Companies need to realize that law's are not going to prevent people from copying something they own and the only stand worth making is to prevent the mass-distribution of copied content, not the action of copying itself.

After seeing the huge response, Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, decided to stop preventing the code from being posted and even posted it on his own blog. He made a very bold and commendable move by doing this, knowing very well it may mean the end of Digg. The users of the Digg community used the site for what it was designed for: to speak their mind and make their opinion clear. Kevin has had to make a difficult financial decision about the direction to take and he has made it clear that he has chosen to go with us, the community.

If Digg needs financial support because of this incident, and they setup a donation page, I will happily donate whatever I can afford. I'm in no way a rich person and like everyone else I have my fair share of financial burdens. However, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and stand for something I truly believe in.

We're living in the birth of the technology revolution and it's our responsibility to define a solid foundation for future generations. Let's make ourselves heard.

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