Political Bullshit

I'm so sick of all the political bullshit I hear in the news.

I don't own a TV because there simply isn't anything on it worth my time or money. The TV has become a mind-control device for those with money. Do you know why there are so many 'reality TV shows' on now? Because the people in power want to distract you from the real reality of whats happening in the world. So many people have become so entrenched in the reality TV shows that they're the furthest from what's really real: reality.

I read foreign news websites because all the domestic ones are so full of bullshit (both are full of bullshit, but foreign ones seem more realistic). Hell, I even enjoy reading foreign tech news websites! The media with all their advertisements, and opinions, and suggestions -- all bullshit. I trust talking face-to-face with a stranger on the street more than I do listening to a news anchor -- how sad is that?

The amount of bullshit that comes at me on a day-to-day basis, from every direction, is mind-numbing. Others who may write similar statements would probably say, at some point in their text, "Wake up!". But I'm not going to say that. Do you know why? Because so many of us are already awake to whats happening -- the problem is we just don't give a fuck. Hell, why am I writing this? Why aren't I out there doing something about it? Well, its my nature to observe and act when the time is right. The time doesn't feel right and I don't feel that I've observed enough. I just know there is something seriously wrong with this country and with the world.

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