Machines providing bad service

I'm three months behind on mortgage payments to IndyMac Bank. It's not that I'm intentionally missing payments, but rather I simply don't have the money. I'm also behind on my other mortgage, with Wilshire Credit Corporation. Wilshire has called me several times over the past month, inquiring about payment. When I explained that I'm having trouble, and asked for an address to send my personal financial statement to, they provided it to me.

IndyMac on the other hand, doesn't have a human call me. No. Instead, they have a machine call me every few days:

"This is IndyMac Bank calling on an important matter. Please call us back at 1-800-781-7399, between the hours of 7:00am and 8:00pm, Eastern Standard Time.".

No repeating of the number, not even a "Thank you"! This morning when they called, I just happened to be near my computer and ran over to it to jot down the number. I promptly called them back, hoping to speak to a person who could give me an address where I could send my personal financial statement.

After the initial annoying menu options, I choose the option to speak to a representative. It then tells me my account information has been located based on my phone number. How is that possible? My caller ID is blocked. I am then asked to enter the last four of my social security number for security purposes. I enter the numbers and am told to wait for the next representative. Then I hear this:

"I'm sorry, we're unable to take your call right now. Please try back later."

And the call drops!

So I wait 15 minutes and call back. This time, I don't even hear the friendly message telling me to call back. This time, after I'm told to hold, the call just drops!

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  1. Try calling from a different phone so it doesn’t know your number and it makes you verify your account another way and see what happens. But most likely get ready to be on hold forever.

    Longest I’ve ever been on hold is 2 hours and that was with my cable company. 😡

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