Don't piss on my floor

I was asked a few weeks ago, by one of my tenants, to rent the vacant first floor apartment underneath them for their birthday party. I hesitated at first, because I know parties can mean lots of trouble, but I really needed the money. The carpets were going to be replaced anyway so I didn't care what they did to them. I only asked that the walls stay clean, that there's no trouble with the police, and that they don't cause any problems with the neighbors.

Also, with all the extra weight from the people attending the party I became worried about the stability of the floor joists for the first floor. I noticed a lot of extra cracking and sagging in the joists and walls after all the water damage a couple of weeks ago. So just to be safe I bought two heavy duty 8' temporary lolly columns and propped up the floor underneath the sagging spots.

When I came home tonight I found a leak coming from upstairs. It was coming from one of the drain pipes; one that I knew needed to be replaced but had been avoiding doing so for a long time. It was an old iron pipe that was rusted pretty badly, now badly enough allow water to leak through. I had a 1" pool of water on my basement floor, but luckily there was no additional water damage.

I had been worried there would be another leak in the pipes above where I installed a 3' electric baseboard heater, so a few days ago I inquired with my dad about what would happen if water fell on it. As my dad and I suspected, nothing happen. Of course I wasn't taking any chances of being electrocuted by 240 volts and turned off the breaker as soon as I got there. After sucking up the water with my shopvac, I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of fittings, sawed off part of the iron pipe (went through two blades because I all I had were the blades for thinner metal) and replaced the remaining section with newer PVC piping. Then I discovered another leak -- this time coming through the ceiling tiles above my bed.

It was piss (yes, urine) -- dripping down onto my bed. I went upstairs to find a 4x6' section of the floor soaked with piss. Are these people fucking stupid? There's a working bathroom and two doors to go outside. Some people really have no respect for other peoples' property. I mean come on, its a fucking house.

I'm never doing that again.

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  1. You realize… I’m not going to let you forget this story.

    Saw a sign in Vietnam on an outside wall, “No Piss Here”. Yes, the sign was in English. Maybe you should do like Sitha said. Put a sign outside everyone’s door, “Pee in appropriate areas only, if in doubt, call Raam”