2008 New Years Resolutions

Here are this years resolutions, in order of importance (the first five are a continuation of #2 from last year). I decided to get a little more specific instead of generalizing the goals like I did for 2007.

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day (doesn't include other liquids)
  2. Drink no more than 1 cup of coffee per day
  3. 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 pullups per day, every day
  4. 10% Bodyfat
  5. Maintain a 100% vegan diet
  6. Reduce what I own
  7. At least $20k in savings and investments (part of #1 last year)
  8. Get rid of all my rental properties (part of #1 last year)
  9. Revamp my web hosting business and move it to corbaweb.com
  10. Make bbalert.net public (personal project)
  11. Make myfmo.com public (personal project, #3 last year)
  12. Make savenotes.com public (personal project, #4 last year)
  13. Read one book per month
  14. Become a better chess player

Looks like its going to be a busy and productive year! I will post an update to the status of this list in three months.

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  1. Make bbalert.net public??

    Like BB’s that you shoot? Might be helpful to keep from getting hit in the face with airsoft BB’s. Oh… yes they do sting, just ask my brother-in-law.

  2. Haha, no not BBs that you shoot! BlackBerry Alert. It’s going to allow you to configure email alerts upon some kind of change, such as an alert that emails you if your website stops responding to pings or if your mail server goes down.

    I’ve been shot in the leg with a BB gun by my brother when he was young (six or seven), so I know how it feels!

  3. Funny, I kinda remember you bleeding on the right leg just below the kneecap, but i have no recollection of shooting you… maybe its because you didn’t get a chance to hit me hard enough afterwards 🙂

    Nice Resolutions, #1 I already do, #2 is easy, #3 is scary, #4 is not impossible, as for #5 all you gotta do is watch a couple of PETA films n ure all set.

    I’m definetly joining you on #6, & i’ll follow you half way w/ #7, #13 is not a bad idea as for #14 i’m afraid you’ll never be able to surpass me muahahahahhahahaha

    but i hope you do its not that fun when you win 100% of the time, its challenging when you win less that 50% of the time, but when you win 60-80% of the time, it is very enjoyable hehehe

    when we first started playing again a couple months ago, i beat pa well over 30 times before he beat me once. you know what made the difference? a little incentive. I promised him, I wouldn’t play another game for less than $5, 2 games later he wins. unfortunately i still maintain a 66=75% win average

    blah anyway i’m rambling now, so good night.

  4. Glad to hear you’ll follow me on many of my new years resolutions bro! You should really utilize your blog! Even if you don’t post things regularly, simply having a place to come back and look at something you said a year before is a great way to track your personal development!

    When I get a chance I’ll clean up the thousands of spam comments on your blog and install ReCAPTCHA to help prevent spam (the thing you see at the bottom of my comment section). I’ll also upgrade your WordPress installation to the latest version.

    Don’t let my hard work go to waste! Use your blog!

  5. hehe, thanks for the offer, but i dont think i have enough time to dedicate to keeping a blog. although i have started a personal daily journal it takes less than 5 minutes a day mainly to improve my memory. i don’t want to forget another day of my life.

    but i necessarily want to remember everything that happened during the day, just the important things. god gave us the power to forget for good reasons.

  6. “god gave us the power to forget for good reasons”

    But once you’re married, your wife helps you remember all you forgot. I really need to get mine up-to-date before I forget the stories from the trip to Vietnam in 1999. Can’t believe it’s been 9 years already. 😯

    re-Captcha: what’s a “shunted book”?