Gmail: Temporary Error (502)

GMail 502 Error

Looks like only some Google servers are experiencing this error; my other Gmail account works fine.

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  1. I seem to have this problem often. I get other errors as well. One night I would get “we’re experiencing problems…, we’re back” 10 times in 20 minutes.

    It also tells me my cache is full and gmail will not work properly, but even with my cache cleared, I still get that message.

  2. I’ve received the “we’re experiencing problems” error before, but never the cache is full message. What browser and version are you using when you get that message? What OS?

  3. IE7 / XP

    My IE7 is messed up anyhow. I can’t run any flash videos (youtube) says I have the wrong version when I have the most current installed. Been using Firefox for the past few weeks.

  4. Welp… now I can’t even compose or open drafts up on one of my gmail accounts in IE7 and FF3. And even though I can open old emails, I get a popup saying there was an error. Only way to write an email is to open an old one and reply to sender.
    😡 😡

  5. temp error 502. Five hours with this now. I’m in Mexico. Maybe its time to use the automatic forward function to redirect all incoming mails to another webmail account, maybe mail2web… 🙁

  6. Yeah, I’ve always been weary of relying on a free email service to get my email — even Gmail!

    I don’t even login to Gmail for anything; all my Gmail email is forwarded to an email account on my own domain which is being hosted on a web server in a datacenter. That way, if something is wrong with my web server I can call up the datacenter and yell at them! After all, I’m paying them for the server usage, so it’s their responsibility to make sure its running.

    Try calling Google and complaining about Gmail outages… if you can even get someone on the phone! Google’s help section does tell you to Contact them if you see that message for longer than a few minutes, so maybe you should give that a try.

    (It’s nice to have a Gmail address though because I usually don’t have to worry about my email ever being blocked by SPAM filters.)