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  1. Hi Raam,
    Nice thought.
    Someone once told me that when I say thank you to make sure I look the person gently in the eyes and smile.

    I like this tip.

    Enjoy a wonderful day


    • Hi David,

      Eye contact is incredibly powerful. I’ve made it a habit to look people in the eyes as much as possible when I’m talking to them.

      Doing the same when thanking someone forces us to be genuine in our thanks, as we instinctively want to look away if we’re not being sincere.

  2. Completely agreed. For me this rings true in work as in daily life. I address each client as if I’ve known them for years. The woman that we help seem to like my “Yes, dear” approach. Great thought, Raam!

    • It’s amazing that an approach like that can have such a positive impact on our work life and yet go unused by so many individuals and businesses. You can never go wrong treating people like people, regardless of the relationship!