Notes: Meditating with your tongue

This technique used by Manuel Loigeret as a path to go beyond words is incredibly simple and amazingly effective. I never realized how "active" my tongue was until I put conscious thought into relaxing it.

Here is the technique: I close my eyes and I completely relax my tongue. I know... it sounds strange. I don’t know about you, but my tongue is almost always activated, pressing against my teeth or the roof of my mouth or simply floating in my mouth. It rarely becomes relaxed and pulled down by gravity. I noticed it also gets tensed when I am preparing to talk or when I am writing. Am I weird or are you the same?

Relaxing my tongue seems to have an effect on the muscle in throat and my shoulders. It feels like everything was locked there and suddenly became able to relax.

In the book I read (Anna Wise – The high performance mind) it is explained that when the brain commands the tongue it puts us in verbal mode. Our brain responds to the somatic activation of the tongue (and vice-versa) and we find ourselves stuck in this mode. To sum up: we think the way we talk. I believe this is how most of us "think". This reduces our meditation process to our language grammar when our brain could actually go to other layers of abstraction.

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