Rainbows are forever beautifully unique because their changing backdrop always offers a new perspective.

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  1. That’s an interesting thought …because the order of the colors never change .red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet too…. the colors of the rainbow …one of the science songs on Sid the science kid ..OMMMM

  2. I’ve always looked at the rainbow as a message from God never really paid attention to the backdrop and how unique each rainbow is with it’s different backdrop. Thanks for pointing it out and next rainbow I see, I’ll pay more attention to the background as well.

    Guess you can say that a rainbow represents a human and the background as our cultural background making each person beautifully unique.

    • Beautiful metaphor, David! The rainbow represents our true self, in all its fantastic colors, and that true self is projected onto the backdrop of existence, creating a uniquely beautiful combination that is life itself. 🙂