Understanding the value of what we have

When we truly understand the value of what we have, our endless desire for more ceases to be a voice of reason.

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  1. Hi Raam,
    I enjoyed all of the thoughts but this one really got me. This exact thought has helped me immensely on my journey towards a minimalist-ish lifestyle. Sometimes I need a reminder so thank you!
    I live in NYC and I used to constantly consume and fill up my small studio apt with useless stuff. Now, I have given so much away and try to bring in only what is essential. Knowing that my value is not in my stuff but rather in life is incredible.

    Thank you for this!
    Much love,

    • Tali, I’m so happy this found you well. 🙂

      It is indeed an incredible feeling to understand that our true value lies within us, not in external objects. Understanding that, we develop a sense of abundance that eliminates any feeling of needing more, or of not having enough.


  • Treehousechatter December 5, 2011