Let Go

If you don't let go, you cannot receive. To receive, you must first give what you have. You must release everything you're holding onto and allow that space to be replaced with the present. All that you need is right here. Everything that feels missing is just waiting for a place to go, a space to occupy, a home to hold it. Empty yourself. Let go.

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  1. Great post Raam, It’s just as simple as breathing. you have to exhale before you can inhale. If we don’t let go we may never know what joys were waiting to fill the space in our lives. Many are trapped by the trappings of wealth & possessions. By letting go…we can make room for miracles to happen in our lives. Thanks Raam

    • Watching our breath and observing our natural inhalation and exhalation is a great meditative technique — a constant reminder that unless we let go, we cannot receive! 🙂

  2. Letting go! Simple. Profound. Yet not necessarily “easy.” There is so much in these 6 lines. It is a beautiful challenge. I like how John connects this to breathing. It all comes back to being in the present moment. Thank you for “pricking” us with these mini-capsules of thought-provoking inspiration.

    • Sandra, I also feel it all comes back to the present moment.

      When we’re not being present, we’re either trapping too much inside or spending too much energy on that which is external and out of our reach (whether past or present). When we focus on the moment, we automatically bring ourselves to what is required.

      No matter how hard we try, we cannot simultaneously inhale and exhale air into our lungs and without being present, nothing would happen!

  3. With practice, I have increased my ability to think thoughts of gratitude in response to feelings of discontentment. Likewise, we must practice to increase our ability to let go when we feel ourselves grasping for something.

    Thanks for the reminder, Raam.

    • It’s amazing what we can accomplish with practice. It’s the little things that we put into action on a regular basis that become the basis for who we are and how we react (or act) in response to feelings of “not enough”. Letting go when we feel the need to grasp is counter-intuitive, but it’s also the only way we can truly avoid scarcity and experience sustainable abundance.

      Thanks for the thoughts, Yan. 🙂

    • Thanks for the reminder “I have increased my ability to think thoughts of gratitude” as this is something I too am cultivating. I akin my process to weeding a garden, and in increasing the “attitude of gratitude” I am reminded of stuff I need to work on within my self. Where I feel what I call “disturbances of the mind” are for me lessons for spiritual growth. Being grateful for trials and tribulations is part of that growth, and I am VERY grateful for the reminder. I am learning to be more still and to develop greater awareness in such matters, so therefore I am weeding my garden. I am truly becoming more aware of the things I can change and those I simply cannot, and this is where acceptance of what is comes in for me. I am guilty (if you will) of thinking toooo much, and in that thinking, I believe I have ascribed some judgements, biases, and distortions of what I perceived and not acknowledged what really was!!!! What I think and what is are two very different entities, in and of themselves. I find I (at times) color my world via my perceptions, as I am sure we all do, however I am attempting to color my world with positive actions rather than drift aimlessly. I guess I am learning to channel my energy, thanks again for the “reminder” …..love to all

  4. I believe at times we think too much instead of being present in the moment. All my trials and tribulations have been some of my greatest srititual growth (although at the time it didn’t FEEL that way) Hindsight and INSIGHT tell me all was necessary for my growth. We all have different paths, different tunes, different lessons to learn on this path. I am learning to not judge anothers lesson or path and pay attention as to WHY this is happening. I truly believe there are no mistakes in life, only lessons, however I have not always seen this as such. I find when I am wrapped up in only myself and my perceptions, they are not always correct (due to my past conditioning, societal impositions, the perception of what things SHOULD be instead of how things really are… i find for me, I can distort my present with my past baggage. Many times I perceive a fear or a lack, and in all honesty, no such thing exists. There is no lack, only my limited perception of such, there is only the fear I create in my own head and the limits on which I place upon myself. When I live in the now, I have no lack, no unrest, no shortage whatsoever. All is perfect in the moment, even when I perceive it as NOT being perfect in its perceived imperfection. I am truly of the belief everything happens for a reason, in perfect time,only my limited thinking (I was going to say mind, but mind is perfect, my thinking however can use some fine-tuning!!!) The more I relax at LIFE, the easier it appears and seems to flow. The less resistance I have the more I flow and life flows along with me. I akin this to a river of life, sometimes it is smooth, at times there are rapids, and sometimes there are some falls, but the river continues to flow to the sea, as I will flow along this river of consciousness. Thanks again… with much gratitude for the stream.

    • Perception is a funny thing. We can unknowingly bring past feelings and fears of lacking and ‘not enough’ with us into the moment and interpet the present as lacking, when in reality the present is abundant, complete, and full of everything we could possibly need and more! Letting go of everything unnecessary and embracing the core of who we are, not the flakey coatings of the past, but the essential, true, and real essence of us. That pureness cannot be tainted by feelings of not enough, my fears of scarcity, or even by external circumstances. When we recognize our true self and let go of everything else, now becomes a beautiful treasure of limitless potential and endless beauty. 🙂

  5. this is so beautiful…this is what i struggle with on a daily basis. still haven’t figured out this whole letting go process, but maybe one day. i’ve always been one to live too much in the future and focus my thoughts too much in the past… thanks though, i will read this many times. 🙂

    • I’m right there with you, Natalie! I need to practice this letting go on a daily basis, as it’s in my nature to think forward, to the future. It’s all about being aware of the need to let go and then consciously making an effort to release the things that are holding us back from fully experiencing the moment. 🙂


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