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  1. change is inevitable; some change is forced and human and some is evolutionary and organic. there is something about “no change”… it is like the rocks and planets in this world; another reference point to see the world. albeit everything does change eventually on it’s own terms within the natural flow of life, if one is unhappy they must change.

    • Ryan, I replied to a similar comment on Facebook with the following: I’d say that if something changes from the result of your own inaction, you actually played no part in that change. Nature has its own stuff going on that ensures change continues with or without you. 🙂

      • This is correct. We don’t always have to do things in this life. I hit that wall yo learn that sometimes not doing is good. I recently had a breakdown and checked out of reality for a few days because I was inundated with too many pressures and stress. Once I stopped doing things for a while the world opened up to me. 

        • It’s amazing how ‘not in control’ we really are, and how freeing it is to realize, accept, and experience that reality. Whenever I’m feeling frustrated, I try to remind myself just how much of the universe would continue operating just fine if I never interfered.