Modern Travel is Not Environment-Friendly

I'm starting a 5-day journey on 7 airplanes, through 5 countries and 8 airports. The economics of modern travel is not environment-friendly.

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    • I flew from Australia back to the United States to visit family and that route was the cheapest. It would’ve cost me an additional $700 to fly from Australia directly to the USA.

    • I originally planned to stay in Thailand for a month, but when I arrived in Tasmania I felt the pull to spend more than a week there. So, I canceled my month in Thailand. I had already booked the flight from Thailand -> Japan -> USA, so I couldn’t change that without incurring huge fees.

      I generally travel by intuition, going and staying wherever “feels” right. I’m headed back to Tasmania in January (that flight has me going LAX-NRT-SIN-MEL).