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  1. Just b/c “IT” feels right does not make “IT” right. There are a multiplicity of applications r/t to this statement and I feel sure we can all apply that somewhere in our individual lives.

    This is great food for thought to apply after the one regarding the present and past quote..

    • Hi Cindy,

      I mentioned on my Facebook page regarding this thought that I probably should’ve clarified that I was referring to the “feels right” that is intuitive, the kind of my-entire-being-is-screaming-at-me-that-this-is-right feeling, not the casual, emotional, or egotistically driven “oh it feels right” who-cares-how-irresponsible-this-is kind of feeling. 🙂

  2. Hi Raam,

    Every step taken is experience rather than mistake. But sometimes while feeling right on the foreground an oversight occurs on background, and in my experience you do not always agree to repeat the experience occured due to this “oversight” having a chance to choose – you opt to other options.
    It may happen even with a feeling that seems intuitive.
    Afterwards you start analyzing why didn’t you understand your intuition correctly.
    But nevertheless at that time you have got the experience you would rather avoid.


  • Ethan Waldman April 9, 2012