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  1. It works for many–and I just today recommended it to 4 different clients for various reasons.

    Do you ever freely write? Or is it, through force of long habit, edited even as it flows?

    • Yes, I freely write quite a bit, at least that’s been the case in the past few months (I’ve written 27k words in my private journal since February 1st). When I write something like this essay, I know before I write it that it’s something I want to publish and I generally don’t start writing something that I’m going to publish unless the idea or point is so clear in my head that I can write it out and have it almost ready to go. I always go back and edit, but I rarely have to rewrite huge parts of the initial draft.

    • Definitely! I’ve been journaling in private a lot lately and it is quite refreshing, but I have noticed that at times it can be exhausting too, like I’m letting out too much of myself, too much of my creative juices. Sometimes I need to just sit back and let my thoughts percolate through my gray matter.


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