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  1. Thank you! Very timely for me. I am a lifelong pedestrian with no car. So for me, walking is my form of transportation. I walk to get somewhere specific. Going for a walk for no reason is strange to me. Last week I hurt my knee, and this week I’m back outside, walking slowly as my knee heals. I’m not used to walking so slow, just taking in the experience and the beauty of nature. It’s been very calming. With nowhere to go, my brain slows down, allowing for quiet, stress-relieving thoughts.

    • You’re most welcome, Tia!

      It’s quite amazing how our brain literally feels different when we deliberately walk slow. Sometimes when I’m walking home from the train station, I’ll find myself walking faster than usual. I’ve realized this is probably because my subconscious has a “destination”; it knows where I’m going, so I just go there are fast as is comfortable.

      Oftentimes I’ll get home and realize that I “missed” my walk. So, I’ll go back out, just to walk around the neighborhood for 15-20 minutes, with only one goal in mind: consciously walk as slowly as I can. The difference between the two walks is incredible. The second walk is always a hundred times more relaxing and peaceful, despite it being the same neighborhood, the same sidewalks, the same air and Earth! 🙂


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