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  1. True. Or to watch the sun set. As a little girl I decided I like sunsets best. I felt somehow safe as the pink of the evening faded and night closed in. It surprises me now how I knew that back then 🙂

    • Yes. Sunsets too. 🙂

      Actually, I like to think about how at any given moment during a 24-hour period somewhere on Earth is experiencing both a sunrise and a sunset. That feels strangely serene to me: the Earth is experiencing a constant sunrise and a constant sunset.

      I also try to remind myself how it’s not the sun that’s rising or falling at all, but the Earth itself that’s turning (and me standing on a relatively fixed point) that allows me to experience the sun ‘rising’ and ‘falling’ over the horizon.

  2. Absolutely true. Time, beauty and walking with another should not be rushed, but simply enjoyed.

    Have not heard from you for awhile.

    • All of life should not be rushed—when it’s rushed it’s not lived.

      I haven’t been publishing very much lately, but I’m slowly getting back to it. A two-year-old can really throw a wrench into solitary routines!