Apartment Finally Rented

Well, the three bedroom apartment I've been trying to rent on Bowers ST for the past few months has finally been rented. I put an ad in the Lowell Sun and had it run for two weeks. Since then, I've received at least 40 calls inquiring about it, but now that it's rented, I can't wait until the ad expires! I'm lucky to have a good tenant on the first floor who did the majority of the repair work in return for a decrease in his rent. Of course I still had to pay for, and buy, all the materials required. I also rented the rug cleaner. Total spent on repairs including $300 rental reduction: ~$1500.

Today I had to fix an issue with the kitchen sink drain in the unit. The problem: it wouldn't drain. The tenant doing the work said he poured a whole bottle of the drain clearing gel, but that it didn't work. So, I went in with my snake (a machine used to clear drains, resembles a snake) and even that wouldn't go down the drain more than 8 inches. So after poking and prodding for a good 20 minutes, I finally got something out: a spoon. No joke, it was a spoon. I turned on the water hoping the drain was clear, but it drained very slowly. There was tons of rotted crap in the drain. Sticky, smelly, moldy crap. I was wearing gloves, but I soon learned that they would need to come off. I eventually pulled apart the pipes underneath the sink and discovered a total of six spoons and forks stuck inside the drain. Who in their right mind sticks that many spoons and forks down a kitchen drain? Brainless idiots.

So anyway, all that's left to do are a few minor things, which I'm going to do tomorrow morning before I go into Cambridge. The new tenants came by tonight, signed the rental agreement, and gave me the deposit.

I started my workout routine again today. I took a week off to allow my body to recover from a lingering illness. It seems to have passed now, so I'm back on track with my workouts. I seem to have sprained or pulled a muscle in my hand. I feel a sharp pain when I move it a particular way. I've had it happen before, and icing is usually the best remedy, however I have no ice pack.

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  1. Mom accused me of dropping a spoon down her drain last week. Her garbage disposal sounded quite funny before the discovery. I blamed her, she blamed me. It’s her fault for throwing it at me, it’s my fault for not seeing her throw it at me when I was rinsing off the dishes.

    So… are you going to use them?