House Hacking

Hacking your own house can be pretty fun. I don't want to incriminate myself on my own blog so I won't go into the details. I may not have any gas, but after 45 minutes, I do have hot water.

    The power of knowledge is not realized until that knowledge
    plays a key role in bridging an otherwise impossible gap.

I was having trouble displaying PNG images in Internet Explorer while cross-browser testing the programming work I'm doing for Aerva. A Google search later and I found this site providing the solution. Very useful if you've ever wondered why PNG images don't maintain their transparency in IE.

I removed the collapse categories plugin I had previously installed for the side bar. I found a page with information on how to use the wp_list_cats() function, which is apart of the standard WordPress installation, to format the category list in a much more useful way. Calling the function with particular options allows you to see all the categories in hierarchal fashion. I used the following options to display the categories as you see them on the right. Just edit your sidebar.php file inside your current theme's directory:


I was tired of not having any light outside my back door at night, so I installed one today. $35 and an hour of running 14/2 wire from a junction box to the back door (yes, the door is dirty. rain + dirt + door = what you see below):

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  1. im glad to have met u more than whats her face. thank you for all your help and comical. yet learning friendship. pray ill actually meet you one day. until then, be with peace, me