Blogging from a Text Only Web Browser (Lynx)

I'm laying in bed using my IBM Thinkpad 600e laptop running Debian Linux, connected to the internet using a WiFi connection, logged into my WordPress dashboard using a text-only web browser (Lynx). Lynx allows me to open my favorite console text editor, which happens to be vi, and once I'm done typing my post, I just quit vi, and it returns me to Lynx with my whole post entered in the form. Blogging couldn't get any more geeky than this!

The fact that the WordPress administration pages are even usable via a text-only browser is awesome. I also setup a plugin for WordPress that allows me to submit posts via email. I setup a secret email account which I send an email to containing the title of the post in the subject and the content of the post in the message body. I have a cron job setup to run a script every 5 minutes that checks the secret email account for any emails. Once it finds one in the mailbox, it adds a post to my site containing the contents of the email! This allows me to submit posts right from my Blackberry, no matter where I am. I could even attach pictures, if my Blackberry had a digital camera.

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  1. sooooo……….. did my 50000000 spam emails from my one website flood your secret email inbox 🙂


    Never putting up a guestbook again on any that is hosted by akmai which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  2. Yes, the spam was so bad it actually crashed the whole server over at LiquidWeb (the datacenter for my server)! The problem is resolved now. 🙂