Bookmark Sync and Sort

I often bookmark websites when I come across something I think I might want to come back to later. Usually I'm searching for something and I'll come across another, unrelated, page that I also find interesting. Then there are common pages, such as banking sites, credit card login pages, domain control panel login pages, and others, that I bookmark just to have a quick way to access them. As you can imagine, my bookmark list has grown quite large. I found it very inconvenient when I use one of my other computers, or my laptop, and I don't have access to all my bookmarks.

This is where Bookmark Sync and Sort comes in. It's a Firefox extension that allows you to upload your bookmarks to an FTP server, and then download the bookmarks from another computer that also has the extension installed. This way you can keep your bookmarks synced. It has lots of options, including a very useful one that allows you to merge bookmarks, so your existing bookmarks don't get overwritten. I setup a free shell account (thanks to which also includes FTP access, and I simply configured the Bookmark Sync extension to use that FTP server. Now whenever I add a bookmark, or several bookmarks, I choose "Synchronize Bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu and the data is uploaded to the FTP server!

When I realized how many bookmarks I have, I thought it would be nice to share all those links with everyone. I'm going to setup an area where you can view my bookmarks, but first, I need to figure out a way to hide the bookmarks I don't want to make public, such as certain login pages.

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