Bugs are in my Stomach!

Some useful things I learned the past few days:

Want to disable the annoying Linux console bell that beeps when you type the wrong command?

setterm -blength 0

Want to disable the graphical login on Ubuntu/Kubuntu?

echo "false" | sudo tee /etc/X11/default-display-manager

Here's an excellent article on getting PHP4 and PHP5 running side by side while using Apache 1.33. I'm recoding the work I've been doing for Aerva using Object-Oriented programming and templates. So to utilize PHP5's OOP features, I needed to have it running on my laptop.

Last night, while taking a crap, I suddenly became extremely dizzy and almost fainted. I literally almost fell off the toilet! I've never almost fainted like that before, ever. When I stood up, I couldn't even walk. Since then I've had a really bad stomach ache, almost threw up twice, and wasn't able to eat very much today. Maybe it's food poisoning (DJT, Vietnam?) or some stomach bug. I was reconsidering completing my Friday workout, but I decided I'd start the workout and stop if I started feeling worse. I actually felt better after I started the workout and I was able to complete it in it's entirety.

The temperature for today, as well as the next two days, is supposed to be in the upper 90's. I'm headed to the beach tomorrow morning, then I'll probably spend the afternoon doing programming work for Aerva. The project I'm working on has a deadline of this Wednesday, and I've got plenty to finish before then.

I had 4 appointments to show the Bowers ST 3 bedroom apartment today. None of them showed up. Anyone looking for a 3bdrm apartment? New stove, new bathroom floor, some new paint, 3rd floor, first month + security deposit, no utilities included, $800 a month.

My truck's transmission really felt as if it was about to crack open while driving to work on Wednesday, so I took the train in on Thursday. I parked my truck at my Lowell office and rode my bike to the train station. I think it was quicker to ride the bike to the train station than it was to drive there; three minutes tops, and I save myself $5 parking. I did some quick calculations and figured out I can save $30 a month taking the train into work three days a week (assuming I don't have to pay for parking and instead ride my bike to the train station, otherwise it's $30 more expensive to take the train in). But the $30 isn't the great part. I actually save my truck from 1000 miles every month! That should extend it's life for awhile (it has 143k miles right now). Taking the train adds an extra 3 hours a week of commuting, but that's 3 hours I can read or use my laptop, so its all good.

I decided not to buy another cell phone. However, by accident I was looking at T-Mobile's website and I glanced at their Blackberry plans. If I switch to T-Mobile's service, I can get the same number of minutes with the unlimited Blackberry Internet service for $40 less than what I'm paying now! And if it costs me $170 to cancel my 2 year contract with Nextel, I still would save $340 by switching to T-Mobile right now ($40 x 12 months = $480 saved, $480 - $170 = $340). Add that $40 to the $30 a month I'm saving by taking the train, and I've just saved myself $840 a year! This finding-ways-to-save stuff is becoming fun!

Urgh, I still feel the stomach bug inside me and my body still feels weird. I've had chills all day today, even though its been 85+ degrees and I still feel a little dizzy when I stand up. I'm sure if I threw up, I'd feel better, but I'm too stubborn to throw up. To give you an idea of how stubborn, I've only thrown up twice in the past 15 years.

Maybe lying in the sun at the beach tomorrow will help.


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  1. I have a friend seriously looking for an apartment to rent. He wants to rent your 3 bedroom, but he’s needs a roommate to split the bill for anything 2 bedroom and up – if you know anyone, call me mr dev.

  2. and man, thats some sh*t, glad to hear you didn’t faint while on the crapper – and that you’re feelin better, dude. that wouldn’t have been fun to clean … eeew, the image.

  3. Flying home from Vietnam in 1999… Ho Chi Minh Revenge set in. 18 hours of severe pooops. Even passed out on the airplane walking to the toilet on Japanese Airlines during the night.

    When I got back to Lansing, MI. The poops were gone, but I was in need of a BATH. After which I ate 3 bowls of corn pops and then went out to eat at Spartys and had Chili Cheese Fries and a Chili Dog.

    I’ve never passed out on the toilet, I have passed out in bed and fell on the floor with severe knee pains once. Woke up between bed and wall. Had no idea where I was and there was a strange odor. I was putting icey hot on my knee for passing out. When I fell, the icey hot landed on my nose.

    You want poop stories… just as djt.

  4. LOL, I knew I could count on you for a few stories. 🙂 Lucky for me, the sick feeling in my stomach has passed. Now I just have an insatiable appetite!

  5. Before going to VN in 1999, I actually only took craps during my lunch break (11 – 12)… only because I was unaware of the toilets in VietNam and knew that VN is 12 hours ahead of Indiana; I would be at the hotel between 11pm – 12pm. Fool proof. And it worked till the very last day when um…. I got sick.

    I wouldn’t have that problem anymore…. Most of wifes family all have toilets now. 🙂