Dizzy Spells – Viral Labyrinthitis?

A few weeks ago I experienced a sudden dizzy spell, which was so intense it nearly knocked me over. It happen two or three more times over a five minute period. I don't get dizzy very easily; things such as spinning around or riding a roller coaster don't make me dizzy at all, so this came as a huge surprise. Following the dizzy spell, I felt very nauseous and wanted to throw up. During the next few days I felt very sick, headaches, loss of appetite, more dizzy feelings (though none nearly as intense) and just overall sick. Then it went away and I figured that was the end of it.

Then today, while sitting at my computer working for Aerva, I became extremely dizzy. It felt as if the entire building was falling over on it's side. My hands slammed down on the table in attempt to brace myself. Then I felt sick to my stomach, and wanted to throw up. After a few minutes, I tried standing up but felt as if I was about to fall over. The dizzy feeling continued for another hour, however I didn't feel anymore extreme dizziness. During that hour I did some googling to try and figure out what the hell was causing this.

I finally came up with Viral Labyrinthitis (lab-uh-rin-thahy-tis), or VL for short. I came across this post on Rich's blog about his experience with VL. Hundreds of other people who also had VL started leaving comments on his post. The comments grew to the point where his post was being used as a sort of support forum for those with VL. He had to break up the comments into 7 different pages. Anyway, after reading about 50 comments from people who had many of the symptoms I have (some had the exact same symptoms), I think its possible I have VL. Of course I should go to a doctor to confirm because there are lots of other things that could also cause the extreme dizziness.

My first thought, when this first happen to me a few weeks ago, was that it was a low blood sugar issue. When someone's blood sugar levels get low enough, they can feel very dizzy, weak, and even faint. Generally your blood sugar levels get very low when you don't eat enough, or you don't consume enough sugar (in the bodybuilding world, sugar is generally bad, so obviously I avoid it. Go figure). I had not eaten much during the day, and I usually forget how fast time passes when I'm in the programming “zone”.

Around 3:00pm, I realized I had not eaten anything since 8:00 this morning, so I went to the local Whole Foods Market and bought an avocado sandwich, a natural protein shake, and a couple of energy bars. When I got back to the office, I ate the sandwich, drank half the protein shake, and ate half the energy bar. Then the dizzy spell happen and I instantly lost my appetite. I checked the nutritional content on what I had just eaten and added up the sugar: I had just consumed over 45g of sugar in a 3 minute time span.

Wait a second... If I had low blood sugar and I just consumed a bunch of sugar, that should be a good thing, right? Well actually, when you consume a lot of sugar and your blood sugar is really low, your body releases insulin to control the amount of sugar entering your blood. If your body over compensates and releases TOO much insulin (which could happen if you consume too much sugar in a short period of time), this can cause your body's blood sugar level to suddenly plummet (insulin helps restrict and control sugar levels), thereby causing the extreme effects of low blood sugar. This is probably what happen to me.

Being the way I am, I probably won't go to the doctor unless I continue to feel really dizzy or if any symptoms get worse. My yearly checkup is coming up, so I'll just mention it to my doc when I see him. As of this post, I still feel a little dizzy, but I'm able to eat and don't feel quite as sick to my stomach.

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  1. Hello, i Have Labyrinthitis, i got diagnosed with it at the doctors, i woke up one night after having a dream i was drunk and the room was spinning, and then stopped and came backk and keppt onn continually stopping and starting for about an hour till i went back to sleep. When i woke up i was fine for about 2 days and i felt fine but then it came back and it happened again but this time i was in bed for 6 days and i was starting to feel much better!! but it happened again in the night but its been 4 days and ive been fine so far,, touch wood. its a horrible experience but i believe you have the same as me. so i would say you do have labyrinthitus. my doctor said that nothing caused it and its a random illness. i hope you feel better soon, but the more you are walking around the better 🙂 visit your gp for some tablets that work really well!!!!! xx

    • Stephanie, I have the same symptoms. one day 2 years ago it started from waking out of my sleep and the room spinning and wobbling. It still happens now, when i dream of dancing or spinning or whatever. Sometimes even sitting still i feel like i would spin if i dont shift or stand up and walk. I used to lay in bed motionless thinking the dizzy spell would go quicker. I suffered so long. Then one night i decided to get up and walk and breath. Laying, it lasted up to 10 minutes spinning. Walking it lasted maybe 1 minute less or a little more. Im so happy to finally find some info on this and glad to not be the only one tripping out (i thought). So how is it now for you and what do you do for it? Is there a cure? thanks

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for the information. I’m all better now and the dizziness is gone but it’s a very strange illness. Being so dizzy really makes you feel sick in so many other ways (head, stomach, etc).

    Thank you for stopping by and I really hope you feel better!

    • I get no joy from my Drs at all I keep passing out , I am always dizzy , feel sick , & not with it . My eyes go blurred & room spins . IVE had scans , MRI & all come back normal . There ️️as to be a reason for this your body is a boromiter to your health so something not right .

  3. Hi there. I had labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis (doctors seem to use it interchangeably). I was not one of the lucky ones who got over it in 10-14 days and never had it again.

    However, I did take matters into my own hands and through diet, supplements, and exercise, have gotten 98% over it. The big recover came about 6-7 months in.

    I write detail exactly what I did to get over mine at my site.

    I never even heard of this illness until I had it and doing searches on google. It is amazing to find so many people, such as yourself, had or have it.

    • Hi Ethan… Would love to know your diet.. My 4 year old may have this issue. Her bloodwork has come back fine, everything from her cardiologist has come back fine and next we have a neurologist to make sure that is all fine, but her dizzy spells are not only terrifying for me, but she screams in panic that she is dizzy over and over.

    • What’s the site called? Idk if i could have both but I believe to have panic disorder but I’m currently not panicking but I have been dizzy for going on 3 days straight no stopping just constant dizziness I need help and maybe u can help me i also have lost my appetite and normally I eat alot I love food

    • Hi Ethan,

      How do I look at your site?
      I’ve had VN for 7 weeks now and hoping it doesn’t take 6-7 months. But I’m glad it finally comes to end.

  4. Hi Ethan,

    Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear you were able to finally get over it. I can’t even imagine how difficult dealing with VL for 6-7 months must have been! It looks like the site you put up will be really helpful for those who have VL so I thank you and wish you good luck!

  5. I was told that I had VL today. My dizziness goes in and out and right now…it is in!! EWE!! I am not excited about this at all. It is making me nervous and on edge! Which I know can not be helping my feelings at all!!!!!! I was not given any meds. My Dr. says they just help with some symptoms. Is there anythong ya’ll have found that helps?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      The only thing that helped me was SLEEP!

      I really hope you feel better soon… the dizziness is extremely difficult to deal with!

    • I take finer root for the nausea. Topped up with Gingko Bilbao for the circulation of blood to compensate the pressure. I’ve had it for 7 months now. I swear by these. They allow me to go to college. Helping the inner ear to compensate with the stimuli. Coupled with the benefits of normal activity, which addresses the hidden symptoms of depression.

  6. Sometimes I can sit and talk to someone then all of a sudden I experience a startled panic and get a dizzy spell that feels so weird, and it only lasts for seconds. I also seem to have gas when this happens. I wonder if it is a panic attack related? I feel really shook up afterward and afraid. I do often get heart fludders, and maybe my heart stops beating for a second or so and that causes it. My EKG shows a strong normal heart exept for a slightly enlarged left ventricle. I experience no chest pain or shortness of breath, and this doesn’t happen often. I never kinow when this will happen and that annoys me. Hmmmm?

    • That sounds pretty scary, Matt. I can’t think of anything in particular that would be causing that (then again, I’m no doctor!). I’ve always been afraid of a dizzy spell happening when I’m driving. I can’t imagine what might happen!

      Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you the best of luck!

      • I have Mennaire’s disease and that goes along with labyrinthitis. All I know is that years ago the Dr. had me take a lot of Niacin—flush style-, and no salt or salty foods. really helped. I have ringing of the ears constantly but most of the time I filter it out due to some sort of immunity. I sleep with a fan on at night, of course. This disease can really freak people out and nasusea can become part of the symptoms. My dizzy attacks seem panic related/startled or maybe my heart stops beating for too long. I always feel shook up afterward, scared, pulse up, and weak and sleepy. Usually happens when I am talking intensily with someone or in a new strange place with someone. Just out of the blue it will hit and then go away, but leave me feeling devistated.
        Again, usually ther is intentinal gas involved.

        • Salt is definitely not good for our body. I started making it a point to avoid salt as much as possible a few years ago and I feel much better overall. It’s nearly impossible to avoid salt entirely, but now I can taste the natural salts in almost all foods.

          The breathing and gas issues lead me to think breathing exercises may help with the panic attacks. Lack of oxygen in our body can screw up a lot of things, so breathing exercises (and relaxing meditation) may help a lot.

    • I get this too! I am going to the dr’s tomorrow because it happens at least once a month. I use to attribute it to my menstrual cycle..cause it would happen about a week before then..but sometimes it happens at other times. Even when it happens once a month, it scares me because this all just started happening (and I was looking for reasons).
      It can last for a few seconds or a few minutes. Out of the blue. I notice the gas a lot too or pain on my left side when this happens (which made me think it is a blood clot or bowel obstruction that is leading to the dzziness). Let me know how things are with you and what your doctors have said. I am so afraid of needles and IVs and I am so afraid they are going to make me do tests.

      • Doesn’t happen a lot but has occurred and sometimes with heart palpitations-fast beats with some skipped beats. I think some if it could be a ventricle issue, or some inner ear problems, BP issues (I was put on low grade BP Lisinopril that made me dizzy for awhile), or fatigue, stress, being in a hurry, but the gas is there-that is what has been weird?
        Maybe the gas builds up and wham-knocks me the body out of synch for an instant. I did have my gall bladder out years ago and this could be part of the issue. I just gotta enjoy life and try to be careful what I eat. Worrying about all of this just makes it worse-what’s gonna happen is gonna happen. Mysteries of the body never end. And who in the hell wants to spend endless time and money on medical tests. I am 61 and gotta be careful, of course. All males over 40 are afraid of having a heart attack whether they admit it or not.

    • Hi Kim, firstly; I hope you are recovered by now.

      Secondly: I am a pretty physically fit person who pays a lot of attention to my body movements and changes so I am on top of any changes that may occur and can almost predict what is about to happen.

      I knew something was coming because I experienced a dry throat for about 3 days before waking up to the hit of labyrinthitis. This was a month ago and I still have it now, though milder, and on meds for it. I also have the ringing in my left ear, which started about 2 weeks into it. In addition I tremble pretty badly and am extremely sensitive to noise really of any sort like music. I am constipated, dizzy, headaches sometimes and tend to panick. Along with waking up to the dizziness I also had a 2 day mild fever.

      I knew what I had because I also had 10 years ago for the first time and that was nothing compared to this. I was just dizzy and that went away, with meds, after only 3 days. Age plays a clear factor, in my opinion.

      I would be lying if I said that I trust doctors; I just don’t so am trying to help myself naturally even though I am on a prescription med called Meclizine.

  7. Really interesting stuff. For sometime now I have been experiencing dizzy spells out of the blue. I feel a pressure forming in my ears and across the top of my head (normally accompanied by ringing in my ears) Then I feel panicked all of the sudden. I feel like I just have to jump up and be “somewhere else”. I know it sounds silly, but the only way I seem to be able to make it stop is to try and trick myself into thinking its no big deal. Ignoring this very REAL feeling. It is very scary, but when I try to explain it to someone they just look at me like I am crazy. It is very frustrating.

    • No matter how crazy people think you, it’s a serious condition and you should definitely get it checked out by a doctor. It could be something like an ear infection that could be fixed with antibiotics, or it might be something more serious (in which case, the sooner it’s discovered the better!). Good luck!

    • i know what you mean shane. i did that sometimes too. it does work because it keeps you from panicking or getting too worried about it – which can make it worse. jumping up gives a huge gust of oxygen along with the walking you do when it happens… maybe lack of oxygen makes it happen too because i have to walk around and breathe deep for the dizzy spells to go away.

  8. I am really comforted finding this website. About 4 weeks ago at my computer, I suddenly saw the whole word flip upside down. I broke out into a cold sweat and basically crawled to the bathroom with extreme vomitting. I thought about calling 911, but made it upstairs to my bed and was completely wiped out. I slept for about 4 hours and then was ok.
    A few days later while in the airport I felt a pretty severe case of vertigo, but about 15 min later it passed. Since then I have had a few instances while driving where I start to feel like all is closing in on me and I have the cold sweats. Usually turning on the A/C and trying to focus on something else seems to help. I did have to pull over once and walk in the parking lot. I have been extremely tired with a foggy head that I figured was due to lack of sleep or depression.
    I was chalking this up to anxiety or inner ear problems. I have a tube in my ear and when allergies are kicking in, I tend to get fluid draining from it. But now I am not so sure after reading this and after my saturday drive.
    I was driving home with my two young kids on a country road. Nothing out of the ordinary when suddenly the world flipped upside down on me and I could feel everything closing in on me. Cold sweats and extreme naseau set in. There was not much of a shoulder and a huge ditch on the other side. I quickly got into the shoulder and somehow managed to find a driveway to pull into. At that point I thought I was just going to pass out completely but knew I couldn’t with my kids there. Somehow I started to come out of it enough to call someone to come get us (an hour away). The whole thing lasted for about 90 minutes. I still feel woozy today, but am extremely tired.
    Is this thing really a virus? I am calling both my ENT and primary Dr. in the morning to go through whatever tests they decide. I travel for work and am a bit hesistant to drive on the highway now. My husband is deployed so I need to be well to take care of the kids. This is one of the scariest things ever. There is just no warning. Will let you know if there are any major updates. Thanks for posting all of this. It helps me to know it isn’t just in my head.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Thank you for the information. I really hope your doctor clears you of anything major. The dizziness you describes sounds exactly like what I experienced. I had the same worry about driving — I can’t imagine what would happen if I got hit by one of those spells while on the highway (it’s a scary thought!).

      Good luck!

    • Jennifer nope not in your head. People look at me like it cant be that bad. But it may help you if you try not to panic. That makes it seem worse than it is. if you feel it coming on, breath deep and think of good funy things or start talking with your kids or burst in song anything to take your mind off of the feeling. Then talk to yourself saying “you know this, its happened before, just gota stay calm, and find a road to pull off for a minute, i wont panic its ok, i wont die, this is not life threatening” anD DONT start to think of all the bad things that can happen like your kids needing you and you get dizzy – anything that gets you anxious or nervous dont think about. I had to learn to do this to keep it under control even though im still searching for answers an cures. tight spaces or sitting still gets me…. i have to talk myself down. the panic is in our heads. maybe while driving roll the windows down or just try to feel as light and free as possible to rid the closing in feeling. tight clothing can make it worse too. hope this helps cope with the symptoms while you search for answers. let me know too.

      • Hey all, So after 30++ Doctor visits including chiro and massage here is where I am at. The first visit consisted of a fill in Dr. giving me meclizine. That did nothing. The ENT listened to my history and told me that it wasn’t Viral Labyrthitis since there was a 6 week period in between the spells. He asked if I had ever had a migraine. I replied that I had classic ones in collage and then ocular ones in Grad school but for the past 11 yrs had only had some really bad sinus headaches. He replied that those are migraines and they have transformed and now are some sort of neurological migraine. He ordered a hearing test, labs, an MRI with and without contrast, and a really evil test where they blow cold air in each ear to induce dizziness. ( I was sick for 2 days) The dizziness had my hysterical crying it was so bad.
        In the meantime I went to a neurologist who also ordered an EEG, labs, CT, and angiogram. She ruled out stroke, seizures, and MS. She said that the radiologists thought it could be due to the fluid in my ear, but I told her the ENT ruled this out. This left me with Migraines as the diagnosis. She placed me on Zonegram an antiseizure med that also cuts down on migraines. I told here that my anxiety was building since I almost crashed with the kids in the car. She just wanted me on the other med and didn’t want to treat the anxiety part.
        I went out and found a great book called Heal your Headache. It is all about migraines and was fascinating and really verified that that is what I had going on. It went through all the different types (including describing all my symptoms) and the diff medications that are available to treat it. In the meantime, my anxiety was rising as I drove the kids around town. I stopped driving the highways and have missed a major part of my job responsibilities. I was getting extremely frustrated and to the point that I could only take streets within neighborhoods or panic would set in. (Erica, your note was spot on and helped a lot!) The medication was also causing me to be depressed. This frustration and anxiety was becoming cyclical in that it can cause a migraine, which can cause the anxiety. I was having about 2 migraines a week and my eyes would bug out when I went over 40mph in the car.(even if someone else was driving)
        4 weeks later, I am back at the neuro and she pulls me off the drug since all I could do was cry. I asked her for the tri-cyclic anti-depressants which the book discusses. I figured it would take care of two disorders in one. She instead gave me Lorazepram. The book says do not take SSRIs as they can cause headaches. It was correct, I had some major headaches, but I could feel the calm returning due to the anti-anxiety effect of the drug. I had to cut it in half though because I couldn’t deal with the headaches. She didn’t listen to me at all from the first appt to the last. I am not going back there again.
        I finally got in with my regular Dr. and she listened to what I had to say. She immediately put me on the tricyclic antidepressant in small doses, and gave me a different drug to deal with the anxiety. (this is her usual course of treatment). I also have an appt to see someone at the migraine/headache clinic, however first available is not til Feb. I have been on this course for 4 weeks now. It can make me sleepy in fact the first few days I felt drunk. The side effects have diminished. I am gaining confidence in my driving. I don’t have the extreme panic that I use to have behind the wheel. I actually will pass someone rather than be the slow driver. In fact life is starting to look a whole lot better. I haven’t had another attack.
        I have another appt with her and then I will hopefully have someone in the car with me to assist as I try the highway when I have the confidence back. This has been a long process and I have some good and still some bad days. Since being on the new meds, I have had 2 mild headaches. I just try to slow down a lot more. Work has been very forgiving and that is helpful. I do have a lot on my plate with 2 small children, a full time job, and a deployed husband who is only home about 3 mo out of the year. So it all makes sense that I would be overloaded.
        My husband wrote me that my emails sound a lot more positive. Honestly, before this last course of meds, I was ready to just check out. So those of you with these mystery symptoms, hang in there. Keep on researching it and go to different Drs. until you get help. Reading a lot of these posts have made me wonder if they too are having migraines. Check out that book I read, “Heal your Headache”.
        I know I still have a long way to go before I get back to my “normal” self. This blog has been so very helpful too. There is comfort in numbers. Sorry this is so wordy, but I have been through a lot of treatments the past few months. Thanks to all that read and comment.

    • Jennifer it is not in your head I had two Doctors almost ? my daughter who once was cheerleading, almost a black belt in karate loved school, and very social. Now after a bad cough she is five weeks is still extremely dizzy and no balance ( she could do flips in the air now I walk with her). What struck me with your journey was the words flipping. I was her school librarian resigned from my position to take care of her so reading is a huge part of our life she withdrew from school I bawled as I signed those papers but because I believe her numbers are fine she plays cards tells time ( I know in my heart it is not dyslexia r anything) it is associated with this Vertigo she cried yesterday became sick when they gave her a vision test. Sounds are the biggest triggers then light. We now have her on another round of antibiotics ( for almost two weeks she didn’t take anything I wanted to make sure that wasn’t it) still testing but everything comes back clear except the ENT took out a very dark hard substance out of her ear was on eardrum she said that helped with the pain. I just got steroids yesterday that is what my research keeps coming back too so I’m hopeful. I am trying to keep her spirits up while my husband and I are bawling behind closed doors . Good luck on your recovery and taking care of your babies. My daughter is lucky in that sense I take care of her. If you know of anything please write I’ll let you know about the steroids.

    • I just had this very thing happen earlier today. I thought my wheel was falling off my car as I felt like we were tipping. While attempting to get the car pulled off and stopped I realized I could only see light. Scared the hell out of me. Thankfully my husband was with me but so was our granddaughter. I’m terrified to drive now. I’ve talked to my dr by phone who thinks it’s a migraine but I don’t believe that it is.

  9. HI,

    Like the others I just have started having the dizzy spells, the other day driving to the post office felt like I was almost outside my body but focused and managed to get there and back. Yesterday my husband and I went for pizza and were just sitting and talking and bam another one came only this one I felt like I was sitting still and watch my husband roll around me, I grabbed the railing and took some deep breaths and focused on my husband till it pasts. Very scarry and I was shakey afterwards and my heart was beating funny. Came home and slept for an hour or so. What really scares me is what happens if I’m driving down the street or highway. Can’t do a Dr. as we longer have health insurance. Dose this thing go away on it’s own????

    • read this i wrote to another lady….. fear of driving with dizziness….. Jennifer nope not in your head. People look at me like it cant be that bad. But it may help you if you try not to panic. That makes it seem worse than it is. if you feel it coming on, breath deep and think of good funy things or start talking with your kids or burst in song anything to take your mind off of the feeling. Then talk to yourself saying “you know this, its happened before, just gota stay calm, and find a road to pull off for a minute, i wont panic its ok, i wont die, this is not life threatening” anD DONT start to think of all the bad things that can happen like your kids needing you and you get dizzy – anything that gets you anxious or nervous dont think about. I had to learn to do this to keep it under control even though im still searching for answers an cures. tight spaces or sitting still gets me…. i have to talk myself down. the panic is in our heads. maybe while driving roll the windows down or just try to feel as light and free as possible to rid the closing in feeling. tight clothing can make it worse too. hope this helps cope with the symptoms while you search for answers. let me know too.

    • Hey Linda,

      It did go away on its own for me. It happened one or two more times over the following year, but it hasn’t occurred since. If it doesn’t go away within a few days, I’d really recommend going to a doctor and getting yourself checked out. Good luck

  10. It’s me again, one more thing we have in the last 3 weeks started doing the raw diet, green smoothies for breakfest and fruit smoothies for dinner and salads for the middle of the day, don’t know if that has anything to do with it but never had this before. The pizza was out of the norm.

    • Hey Linda,

      The first time the dizzy spell hit me I had just finished eating a raw food bar that I hadn’t tried before. I later suspected it might have had something to do with the high sugar content (natural sugar, yes, but still sugar).

      I really hope everything gets better. This dizzy stuff is a horrible thing to have! Good luck!

  11. Ohh ifound this page of yours while googling coz JUST 2 minutes ago i was reaching for my bed coz of this sudden dizziness that i see the whole room just goes unstable! This scares me coz it happens for a short time but every week i will have this experience. I had anaemia before and it is not like this short – so i ruled out this one. Then Low Blood sugar level also not it – ruled out, it happened to me before.. Now i am just worried either is it because of my antidepressant (Zoloft 100mg) that i am taking now and i have Anxiety Neurosis. I am 19 btw. So it a question whether is it a rare side effect of it.. Here’s in short points what i’ve been experiencing :
    – SUDDEN unexpected dizziness and vertigo *spinning yea?*
    – It will last for a short 30 seconds, 10 seconds or a minute. The aftermath tho wont go so easily either.
    – Happened (if this matter) at table while sitting, infront of computer while designing (could it be the long hours in front of the laptop? im a multimedia design student. Laptop/PC = my holy book)
    – I feel a bit panic/anxious when it happens.

    Help…it worries me..my parents have no clue of this yet..and I found out about this VL symptom..could this be it? DOes this fit the VL ?

    • Nixie,

      I know for sure sitting in front of the computer (especially designing webpages, editing photos, playing games ex. Sims) can make your head swing – it happened to me when i was into a game of sims, and just minor swings not really dizzy fully, while doing other things.

      The panic afterwards is just that – you panicked, the dizziness scared your body, brain, and adrenalin got pumping to do something about it.

      Keep ruling out things, but computer – definately yes cause. Give your eyes and MIND a break. instead of sitting straight hours, get up and do other things every now and then, like every 30 minutes less or more.

      that initial dizziness from the mind game in sims never happened again because i made it a point to get up walk around, shift my eyes from the computer a while or do anything other than looking at the screen for a moment.

      apparently computer screens give off the same effect as strobe lights, as lines move constantly up and down the screen. you can only see it sometimes if you record the screen with a camera. these lines make our eyes look up and down rapidly and we dont even know it. it causes similar episodes in the brain like epilepsy seizures. hence the swings or dizziness.

      this is my opinion and what happened to me. if you give the computer a rest for a week and the dizziness goes away – then you found your source!

      hope this helps

      • Hey Erica,

        thank u so much for replying so fast ^^. But the problem is it happened randomly even when I am not in front of the computer… I can remember i had it when i was in a public commuter, i was going home, and just in case if this helps, but i really dont have any motion sickness on land transport or air…water yes. I was so scared after that and at that moment coz i really dont want to pass out. Then sometimes VERY randomly when i go to my room once, it happened and i straight reach for my bed and lie down. It spins like when we do the spinning dance when we were small u know and we stopped? the whole place is spinnign still. I feel really sick…now i dont know if i should let my mum know.. coz i dotn have any tonsils anymore since i was 9, so i get infection from throat to ear quite easy, even now my left is feeling pressured and is like swollen-kind of pain but no swelling anywhere..went to ENT specialist he said it’s from my nose actually..

        • well if it happened other times then you are now in my situation – im trying to figure out what up with me as well and my random dizziness after waking from sleep or laying down sometimes. im trying this guys tutorial that helped him, im not sure if its working yet until my dizziness stops. its supplamenting minerals vitamins and what not to help the body deal with the problem. stuff like cocnut oil, magnesium, kelp, and some other things… here is a link to find the video and tuturiol. you might want to tell your mom and go to a doctor and mention the things you think it is like, Viral Labyrinthitis, computer use too long, or your easy tonsil-ear swelling. dont let the doc TELL you b.Sh** tell him what you think it is and then he can start from there. most docs dont know about this and dont know how to use natural vitamins to cure things – they prescribe medicine so fast cuz its all they were taught. its good you are doing your own research.

          one thing is dont get panicked. that feeling will scare you so when it happens just breathe and tell yourself that its alright and the dizziness nor the panic will kill you nor harm your heart. relax and keep searching and documenting these spells and what you were doing and what not. it will be ok though, just do what you can to find what it is and find a solution. eat healthy, excersise, and give yourself breaks from the computer.


        • yes, you need to let your parents know. My daughter, also 19 has been experiencing similar symptoms and we are all working with the doctors to figure out what is going on with her. She has sudden spells, totally out of the blue. they are very short, less than a minute, but the entire world spins around her. then she feels queezie and uneasy for about 5 – 10 minutes afterward. They happen while watching TV, painting, reading, sleeping, and unfortunately, driving. Very scary. She will sometimes have several in a week, and then go a month or so with none at all. This has been happening for almost one year. She has had full blood work and an MRI, which shoe nothing. Been to the ENT, and nothing there either. this is truly a mystery.

          • Wow… Ok I am so glad I am not alone. Mine are very similar to this, this is how it happends for me.

            I get this feeling that feels like I stood up way to fast, and I’m going to black out. I never see black, but I definetly feel disoriented for about 10-30 seconds is all. I then feel sick, an upset stomach like I want to or need to throw up(never have yet) for 1 hour to 3 hours after each episode. This started for me when I was pregnant with my first son in 2006, I had maybe one every few months, and it’s now 3.5 years later and now I get one-5 a day, and then dont have any for days sometimes weeks then they come back. I have kept a log of what I ate or any activities and can find NO relation to anything that would cause this. I had all blood work done, and my dr ruled out any kind of low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, or anything that would show through blood. She had me do some testing to see if my inner ear was off, she didnt find anything there either. So I went on to get a mri, with fluid and without and it came up clean. Next I was seen by a nerologist who wants me to get a eeg and wear a heart monitor for 24/7 for one day. I decided to hold off on these test til I had another episode.I went almost a month this time with 0, and sadly yesterday I had 4, and today already 3. One woke me from my sleep, one while I was standing and one while driving. I dont ever feel like I’m going to crash, but I do always pull over because the world is spinning and I feel very sick so need a few minutes to always compose myself. Anyways…So far no answers, so I will go and do the eeg and heart monitor next and let you know if they diagnose me with something like you all have been menioning. I am 29 and am in pretty good shape. No huge bad habits. I dont drink or smoke (ever). So….I am clueless. All I know is I hate having these episodes, it’s the aftermath where I feel so sick that I think is the worst part. The blackout part is only seconds but still not the greatest feeling.

          • Oh also…Does anyone have a like a dream or dejavu feeling while out for these few seconds? I always have like a memory or like a quick dream/fantasy while going through this. Again…nothing is related. It’s not a surpresed memory and normally it’s something totally not important, like remembering my husband walking through the door and saying something, or my son dancing and when it happends he was dancing. It’s all very weird sounding but wondered if anyone else had this…

          • Yeah! Like you’re in a recurring dream or having deja vu! I’ve had it for years and I “treat” it by “fighting” my thoughts elsewhere like concentrating on what is really happening around me, deep breaths, and speak words of or mentally noting the “real word”. It is so strange! My first impulse is to be “What is happening?” and “What is this story playing out?”. It’s so scary to feel if I try to “indulge” the experience it can draw me in to a state of blacking out! The weird thing is sometimes after it’s over, some action or series of words really play out! Like I had a premonition? I find exercise, healthy food, fresh air and happier states make it go away so maybe they are panic attacks?

  12. hi i have the same problem it started about two years ago the dizzyness when i lay down and turn my head to the right side i get this spinny feeling laying down. Now i get it sometimes standing up its like a real unsteady feeling and i need to reach out and grab something it stops but scares the hell out of you. Now it seems to be the laying down is worse one woke up the other morning from a dream and the room was spinning its crazy dont know what to do about it

    • Have you seen an ear nose and Throat specialist?

      There is something called Vestibular therapy that they can use to help eliminate dizziness such as you describe it.
      From what I understand the dizziness is caused by a shifting of crystal like particles that are deep in your inner ear.

      The vestibular therapy helps to correct the problem.

      Good luck.

  13. thank u so much drives me crazy and scares the heck out of me i do know that i had some real bad ear infection when i was a child hospitalized for a week but dont know what it was and why is it affecting me now maybe

  14. I had West Nile and it was explained to me that my problem may cause my neurological system and balance mechanisms to unleach some weird dizziness: like I am falling in an elevator very rapidly and almost blackout-in a pinch of a second. I get pretty shook up when this happens. Thank God it does not occurr frequently.

  15. I, too, have “all of the above” dizzy spells and have had them for years! I have had MRI’s, cat scans, blood tests, Heart monitors, EEG’s EKG’s, etc etc. I’ve been to all the specialists and have prayed one of them could find a “fix”. I have agoraphobia, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, LORDY, you name it, and I seem to have it. The dizzy spells happen at any time of the day, and sometimes, I think I have them in my sleep. Watching TV, computer work, DRIVING; MAN! talk about scarey. Although, I know that I probably won’t die, it is soooooo hard not to think that “this is it”; the big one. Sometimes my head will hurt, and I lie down; sometimes I get nauseated, fatigued, and sometimes, I just sit quietly, and cry. Actually, sometimes I think crying makes it happen. Doctors just do the best they can, because I believe it’s just our bodies telling us to slow down, relax, and listen to the rain, and try not to be afraid. Until they find a reason as to why this happens, we just have live with it. But, at least I know I am not alone after reading all your stories. Thanks for sharing and God’s blessings on all of you.

  16. ok everyone – it’s most likely THE FOOD!
    I have been dealing with the dizziness for almost 6 years!
    Trying everything everyone said – nothing worked.
    I got a book talking about food and whats IN IT that is killing people, and making symptoms no one can diagnose.
    It’s the only thing taht has made me see changes in my dizzy spells, headaches, stomach cramps, fatigue etc etc. (all weird feelings that I thought was normal).

    Try for yourself – for one month or even a week (just to see if you feel different) avoid dairy, meat, wheat, white sugar, caffeine, etc. Basically eat only live food like fruits, steamed vegetables with brown rice, only water, or fruit juices made from scratch in a juicer. If you want to sweeten anything use dates, or soaked date water. Instead of wheat us brown rice flour etc.

    Try it for a week to a month, to 6 months IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE CHANGES. Type in things in Youtube and watch videos about natural health and foods… etc. If you want some book references to see whats IN THE FOOD that is causing your problems by from amazon or any book store the following:

    1. Drugs Masquerading as Foods – by Suzar
    2. Breaking The Yeats Cure – by Juliet Tien
    3. Nutricide – by Dr. Laila O. Afrika
    4. Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know – by Kevin Trudeu

    I hope some of you can get some help like I finally see. The only thing is, it is VERY hard to get off of the fast food and addicting food that tastes soooo good. But I see the difference in my health and how I FEEL and I am shocked and angry at what we were TAUGHT is good to eat.

    feel better soon everyone!

    • Oh yea – also watch these movies (you can find free online like at “The Only Device.com”) These will show you more about the LIES about our food and health!

      1. Food Inc.
      2. Supersize Me
      3. Earthlings

  17. I got diagnosed with labyrinthitis a few weeks ago and this is the 3rd time iv had it in the last 4yrs. first 2 times was just dizziness that lastest 4weeks but this time iv gotten an awful lot of symptons and so far is been 5-6weeks and still no change whatsoever. Its so frustrating feeling this dizzy, i just can’t function properly and even thought the GP prescribed me with tablets to help stop the dizziness and sick feeling it doesn’t seem to be helping. The worst thing is i get these severe headaches (which came with neck pain for a little while) and i’m not sure if its related or something completly different. Does anyone get serious headaches that hurt when you move in certain positions or lie down etc?

    • JEN: You are not alone. Yes. People do get headaches with this and related problems. These headaches are likely due to your brain trying to figure out the mixed signals between your eyes and ears. Causing headaches at first in your forehead, then and possibly at the same time, a rushing or squezing or headaching feeling in the back of your head, near the stem. When in the beginning stages of labyrinthitis or veritigo, the first occurance, this is actually your balance center of your brain, going into emergency mode, attempting to block or clamp down on the nerves that are confusing you, it actually physically clamps them, like a water hose, to prevent the bade signals from getting through, this releases in a few days, causing the dizzyness to return when the brain is ready for it this time, but then the headaches come back from time to time because you are still compensating and this part of your brain is working over time to squeeze blood, and process mixed signals which contribute to a headache, but the cerabellum (the part of your brain near your brain stem) will eventually get it, not just today, and one day next week, but everyday, and you will not have headaches so often, and will eventually have none.

      When you feel a clamping or squeezing feel, or bruised back of head, it is your brain clamping, when it is a headache, it is working overtime to process signals, but will eventually get it. This may take over a year.

      You are not alone. Yes, this is one of the most common side effects.

    • JEN: Also, stop taking anything that gets rid of dizzyness. You’re brain needs to feel the dizzyness in order to start learning the calculus, and will eventually get it. It’s just like anything else that you must work out in order to get good at. Your brain WILL eventually get it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This is a VERY COMMON problem, and nothing you have mentioned seems very different from what everyone else experiences.

  18. ATTENTION: Do not intake excess sugar, caffine, salt or chocolate when experiencing acute stage of Labyrinthitis!! These raise your blood pressure, and bam! You will have worse symptoms.

    Dear Sir, your labyrinthitis first gave you extreme vertigo when you agrevated an already present physical problem with your ear/s, by looking at a computer monitor and sitting still for several days in a row.

    This condition will go away for most people eventually, unless you keep having repeat injuries to your ear canal, due to being sick, or a sinus infection, or other problem. If you’ve ever lost your hearing, then you will experience this problem for a weeks to over a year before you suddenly start feeling better. And even them, with a damaged labyrinth, you are suseptable to easily get the tubes and tunnels in your ears clogged and throw off your balence again.

    Things you can do, and assuming you have the most common cause, damaged ear parts, or a previous cold/flu/sinus infection along with your computer monitor staring: When you get your yearly cold or flu, like most people do, immediately start working on keeping that mucus out and taking decongestants to keep yourself clear until you are not sick. You are more suseptable to getting those permanently swollen and damaged parts clogged than others, because of less ability to drain. When you do take decongestants and other cold remedies you will experience worse symptoms from your current recovery, because getting tired (which medicine makes you), and things that raise your blood pressure, immediately effects you.

    After the accute stage, when you start to be able to function again, immediately beging physical therapy. Stay very active. No sitting for more than 2 hours without standing up and walking around. Stop looking at the computer monitor so much without looking around. Join a gym, swim laps, whatever keeps you moving and dizzyish, will force your body to keep adjusting until it gets the calculus in your subconcious. This whole time you may also experience ringing in your ears. This will turn into a rushing flowing sound if your blood pressure gets really really high. The ringing will eventually get less and less hopefully, but may last the rest of your life. If Laby. has not done permanent damage, than you have a better chance.

    • Thank you for all the explanations, Bob! That was really helpful! It make the whole thing a lot more clear. I’m definitely doing a lot more exercise now and forcing myself not to sit in one place for more than hour or two.

      • Hello, first up id like to say i have been experiencing extreme dizzy spells for a good year or so. However, it does sound a bit different to most explanations on here. Okay, first up i`d like to say i never used to get dizzy at all and this thing i experience is like a reverse dizziness (best way i can describe). It`s not a normal dizzy feeling and it is way more intense… now i have sat for hours with it, and sometimes its just like 10 second rush every minute or so… there does not seem to be a definitive time span on it. I don`t feel sick etc and there is no way i could lie down when i`m having these episodes. Also, months or weeks can go by before i get my next episodes hence i just try and deal with it but now i`m fed up with it to say the least.

        Does anyone else on here get this or similar to my description?

  19. Hi All especially Jen,

    About 8 months ago I felt a bit tired and then one night I woke up with a severe headache. The lymph node on right side of my neck was swollen. Then two days later I had an extreme dizzy spell and I was panicking like hell as it was in the middle of town during rush our…

    Anyway for the next six weeks I suffered:
    Extreme sinus pressure and all over head and neck – this was so awful at the beginning and no pain medication would even touch it
    All muscles twitching constantly in my body, even in my face
    Weird spaced out, fuzzy surreal feeling
    Numbness, pins and needles
    Constant feeling of nausea

    I got better very slowly and was able to return to work part time after about 3 months. I know work full time, but I still am not fully recovered. I was so happy to read about the brain clamping the nerves as this symptom is still with me and has been the hardest to shift. The muscle twitching and everything else has more or less gone.

    However some days I am ok and then other days I gets momentary dizziness but it is not a spinning feeling it is more of a feeling that things are moving, like when you are in a lift or when you over a hill in a car at speed and get the butterfly feeling.

    It is annoying as it feels like a clamp around you head getting tighter and tighter and it also affects my neck to, sometimes it feels as if my head is made of heavy metal. Other times it is not even there.

    I just posted to say do not worry, I was never officially diagnosed with VL by the doctor, but the occupational therapist I saw when I returned to work thought it was. Just try to relax. I know it is hard as I used to have major anxiety at the beginning, used to hate crowds and loud noises etc, but it does get better. However it happens very gradually so you will be in it for the long haul.

    All I can suggest is to take plenty Vitamin C (about 4g a day), a good multi vitamin eat well, and also keep active. I know it is tempting to sit down or lie down as you might be scared of suddenly feeling dizzy but the quickest way to get the brain to compensate and re-establish your balance is to challenge it over time. Oh and by the way at the beginning my headaches would be a lot worse if I lied down. It was like the nerves in my head were very tender and any pressure on them would just be unbearable, I think at one point I did not sleep for three days because of the pain.

    Well I hope that I have helped you. I know a year plus may feel never ending but you brain will re-adjust. Also make sure that you look after yourself to stop the VL returning. Vitamin C is very good for ear infections and preventing illness.

    Good luck and god bless xxx

    • Hi Ellen
      I know your posting is really old now but I have exactly the same symptoms as you describe and have had them for 9 weeks.
      I just wondered how you are now?
      I don’t feel like anything is improving for me but it is difficult to see any change when you feel rubbish every day.
      Did you see a gradual improvement or just recover one day?
      Hope to hear from you.

      • I’m with you Helen.
        It’s awful and scary as hell. I see your post is a few years old now as well.
        Did you improve shortly after? I hope so and i am hoping i kick this soon also.

        Sonia 🙂

    • Hi Ellen

      As Helen said your post is quite a few years old now, but i too have exactly those symptoms you describe plus ringing in the ears, extreme tiredness, sore throat and glands at times, achy sore ears, tightness and sore in neck and throat, feelings of panic and constant anxiety (some on and off and come in waves) Have been told be 2 Dr’s they suspect Lab. This thing that has been freaking me out the most in all this craziness is the strange trippy feeling in my head and body along with muscle twitching and jumpy feelings mainly in arms and legs and also in one of my eyes. It also sort of feels like constant vibration.
      Mine all started out with nausea on the computer and iphone then the dizziness. I also had 2 chest/nasal infections in the prior months plus on going allergies and suspected chronic fatigue/fibro for many years. Man, i sound broken..

      Anyway, it’s actually very frightening but am somewhat relieved that you have had the strange muscle twitching etc. If you are still around would be stoked if you could flick me an email


      Sonia 🙂

  20. After reading some of the posts, I suspect that I might also have this but I can’t be sure. I have never heard of it before. I have had sinus problems a lot this year due to the extreme dry and hot weather we have had here in Oklahoma, and I take allergy meds everyday. This morning I didn’t anything then ate a small cupcake while rushing around with the kids. I had also hardly slept the night before. Then around midday, I started feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous. I was out running errands with the kids, I headed straight home while the dizziness got worse by the minute. By 2pm the dizziness was so bad I felt I was going to fall down anytime. I made a sandwich and then went to lay down. While lying down, I fixed my eyes on the ceiling, my eyeballs were jumping left to right speedily alongside the dizziness. I get dizzy a lot, but this is the worst episode I have ever had. I do also have blood pressure and blood sugar problems. After a couple of hours of nap, I feel much better but I still feel lightheaded and nauseous.

    Any suggestions would help. I know I could eat a whole lot healthier and exercise, but I really do find all that difficult to achieve with 2 young kids, f/t work, and so much to take care of on a daily basis.

  21. Hi, all.
    I too have the chronic vertigo. It can wake me up in the night, it can get me when I’m driving or eating or walking or watching TV. It is worse for me just before menstration and during cold weather. It is worse when there are more than 2 people in a room. It’s worse around 2-5 in the afternoon. I do seem to get “burpy” around the same time but I don’t normally have nausea or headaches. Ironically I do when I do not take my meclizine.

    When I am going through the wicked scary dizzy spells I do get the horrible panic attacks (which are NORMAL when you think you’re having a heart attack, going to go into a coma or going to DIE) and there is no way I could lay down or even think about sleeping through them. (I’m now on the high blood pressure medicine because of the panic/anxiety stuff- I’m certain of this.) I pace. I talk to myself. I tell myself it will pass and check my temperature, watch my blood pressure fly, check my pulse and tell myself how rediculous this whole thing is.

    Weird thing is, I’m starting to think of these scary ones as seizures instead of vertigo, because I do get the whole glazed-over, out-of-body type feeling. My eyes get kind of a tunnel-vision feeling and I have to work really hard on talking. I feel like I’m slurring my words and not making any sense.

    I never take the elevator anymore; always the stairs. I quit smoking after 20 yrs. (I’m dizzy/loopy enough without the nicotene headrush. Scary stuff). I only drink caffiene in the morning now (instead of all day). I’m trying to limit my salt intake (but it’s harder than giving up smoking if you can believe that!) I erased all of the addictive games from my smart phone. I sit far away from the TV now. I (try to) limit my time in front of the computer. I try to sit up straight, not cross or sit on my legs and avoid stress (ha, ha).
    I did the brain MRI, EKGs, chest x-rays, heart & thyroid ultrasounds, bloodwork…waiting for months to see the ENT & neurologist. I feel like I must look like a hypochondriac.
    I too have “it’s all in your head” syndrome.

    Here’s the fun new thing. I have just discovered that the wicked nerve pain and weakness in both of my arms that I have had for over a year also MAY be connected to the vertigo! One MRI showed a tear in my rotator cuff so I went to the osteo doctor. Turns out, the tear doesn’t hurt at all (I guess it was there and wouldn’t have been noticed if we weren’t looking at everything else). Amazing. I don’t know if anyone else has this, but NOW I’m looking at C5-C6 nerve/spinal issues as a cause. Of, course, as it’s been over a year of chronic vertigo (but only scary episodes in the New England cold weather) I’m trying to rule everything out before it gets really cold again. Neurologist, here I come. Sigh.

    I have always been a pretty healthy (now 42) female and I have a 5 year old to live for. I WILL continue to fight and I WILL continue to look for an explaination for this! I’d look at early menopause except that there re so many people with the same symptoms who are men and teenagers that I don’t believe that’s it. It may be connected/related but not the CAUSE:

    TV/smart phone/computer screens
    Sitting (w/ bad posture) too often
    Sickness/infections/sinus instigates episodes

    Lyme Disease? Meiner’s Disease? Herniated disc? Lymphatic cysts? Still of course really scared about the possibility of MS…geeese- I have diarrhea too. Maybe it’s parasites. Did I mention I feel like a hypochondriac? Seriously; don’t you?

    There is absolutely no reason why we should have to live with this huge scary problem just because the doctors don’t know what it is and can’t possibly know how it feels. If they knew, they wouldn’t write us off and say “I’ll see you in 2 months” or “What were you in the emergency room for, again?” After we have a test we’d appreciate if they’d call and tell us it came back clear instead of assuming we’ll know if they don’t call everything is just swell.

    DON’T GIVE UP. I WON’T!!! I refuse to believe that this is my new “normal”. I deserve better than this and so do you.

    • hi terry,i dont know if youre any better now or if u ever come on the site anymore, i jus came on to tell u that i have exactly the same symptons and have too became a hypochundriac, 24/7 non stop, some days im better but most days im worse, anxiety a lot less now but been left with positional vertigo, scared to go out, 2 months now, unbalanced feeling when walking, dont know when it,ll go away ita jus ruined my quality of life,

    • Terry,

      Did you ever find out what this is? I am 37 living exactly what you have posted..and DR’s dont know what it can possible be! Please please let me know how you are doing now?

  22. Hi there all, I just found this site while looking up viral dizziness. I’ve always experienced some form of dizziness throughout my life, attributing it to lack of a good night sleep. If I am tired and I am way more susceptible to getting dizzy. It’s horrible. Well last year I got hit with a sever dizzy spell. It was so bad that I was in bed for about 5-6 days. I went to my GP and received some pills and they helped a bit. I also made an appointment with a ENT specialist worrying that I had Mennaire’s Disease. He checked me out and I had not problems. No hearing loss and attributed it to a viral infection. Now my appointment with him was several months after I was already better. It did last about a week. Well I have it now again. It started Friday afternoon and it was so bad I laid down around 6pm and slept until 8am Sat. I could not sleep anymore. It is Tuesday now and I still have bouts of it. It’s horrible and feel for anyone that has to go through this. I don’t care what anyone says, this is a debilitating condition. I think, for me, it’s related to a viral sinus infection. I can hear ringing in my ears and feel pressure in my head. Also the glands in the back of my head are sore and inflamed. Not sure if an antihistamine would help, I mean to try that. I do know that like others say, coffee is a no no. I drank a cup the other day and it made it so much worse.

    I remember last year that I just woke up one morning and it was over. I am just waiting for that day now. For those that feel like the room is spinning, try lying down with one foot on the floor. It should stop the spins.

    I feel for everyone that has this. It’s just horrible and no one can understand it unless they go through it.

  23. OK, so if all of us are experiencing these terrifying moments, who has an absolute answer? Why does this happen? I had two “spells” today after four months of nothing. Immediate onset of intense dizziness and panic followed by nausea and recovery. It is absolutely frightening. I am extremely healthy, eat well, exercise, etc. I cannot definitively identify any triggers, but if I had to describe one, I’d say it may involve low oxygen. Just a theory since I have a deviated septum. I’m on vacation out of the country, but have aleady contacted an ENT for a visit as soon as I get home. This is just too frightening to ever want it to happen again!!

  24. The various and sundry causes of dizziness are seemingly endless. What they usually have in common is anxiety as a RESULT. Too often, I think, Drs. are blaming the dizziness on anxiety whereas the anxiety is actually the result of the dizziness. The symptoms of a brief head-rush followed by the dizziness, sometimes severe, are common to me. I’ve found it is sinus/ear related in my case. I’ve also caught myself in animated discussions and getting slightly lightheaded from improperly breathing (a sort of hyperventilation). The one common thread in it all, though, is that the fearful response to it is what drives the worst of the symptoms and the anxiety that follows. If you can realize it isn’t fatal, it is recurring, and relax when it happens, it greatly shortens the spell, reduces the intensity, and relieves the anxiety that too often follows. Easier said than done, I realize, but it is definitely effective. The next step is to find a doctor (probably ear/nose specialist) that is willing to spend the time to track down the cause with you rather than pumping you full of Xanax and telling you to relax.

    • Hi Fred,

      This is exactly what has been happening to me on and off for the last ten years. In the last few months it has become more like a daily at least weekly thing. The feeling is so sudden and startling it shocks me and those around me. I’ve had an ecg and that normal. I’m having bloods tomorrow then have to see doctor. Is there anything you have learnt since this post? Many thanks Teena

  25. Hi,
    I just turned 41 I’m diabetic, and have Graves Disease. A few days ago everything started spinning, and its yet to stop no matter if my bs are high, or low!!! I feel pukey, and extremely tired. I’m so tired of Doctors. but reading all this, I guess I need to go!!! ty for the shares to maybe see what could be going on?

  26. I have a question for raam! How long did it take for you to start feeling better, how many day? 4 days ago I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst vertigo, I have all the signs of lab and plan on going to the doctor tomorrow, but am terrified it won’t go away! I’ve been sick this whole moth and I was starting to finally feel better then I get this… Was wondering if you were sick before this happened to you or it just came out of no where? Let me know please

    • Hi Chase,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re suffering from this! I don’t remember being sick at all before–I remember it just appearing out of nowhere. It has been 9 years since I wrote about this and I don’t believe it has happened even once in the past 8 years or so. I never figured out what it was, and I hope that I never need to!

      Good luck and stay positive! 🙂

  27. For three days I was dizzy and when I stood up I had to hold on to the hall walls felt like I wanted to throw up it was bad I had to lay down felt asleep and woke up had to make my self get up and do what I needed to do then when I came back home I couldn’t say woke since then it comes and go but I went to the ER and they did a Cat Scan said that it might be an inter ear thing so do I need to get test for this VL cause from what I read is the same as me

  28. I think that I may have VL. A little over a week ago, I was sitting at my desk at work, when all of a sudden, I got really dizzy. This moderate dizzy feeling was really weird and it lasted for a few hours before diminishing to a headache. Thankfully; however, it wasn’t severe enough to make me that nauseous and vomit. I did think about going to the ER, but it improved over the day and I wanted to see how I would feel the next day. Over the next several days, I continued to get mild to moderate dizzy spells (nothing like the first day though and no other headaches) and it did seem to improve with each passing day. Four days after the initial episode, my ear started to hurt and so I went to my GP. My GP said that I didn’t have an ear infection, but did notice that there was fluid in the back of my ear and in my throat. She diagnosed me as having sinus issue or allergies, and told me to start taking a decongestant to see how that would do. The decongestant helped, but I still got 2 to 3 dizzy spells a day. Today, 9 days after my first episode, I only got 1 brief dizzy spell, but now I am sick with what looks like a virus – muscle cramps, fever, coughing, full/heavy ears, and a headache. I hope this whole ordeals ends soon, and I am sorry for those that suffer from this for weeks, months, or even years.

  29. My ent doctor diagnosed me with BPPV and the symptoms are similar . Mine only occurs when I lie down on a bed or couch, or look up at treetops etc. I learned some exercises to lessen the dizziness , but it still catches me off guard and the feeling is horrible.

  30. Mine started yesterday, I thought it might be vertigo.It started when I updated my iPhone and the screen went blue,there was no problem till the then.So I’m wondering if it’s what you all have?