Keeping things different

I got so sick of sitting down to use my computer. This actually works pretty good!

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  1. I get that way at work sometimes. I’ll actually take my stuff (unless using the computer) and go to the counter and go thru the paper work. Bosses look at me funny, but hey! sitting for 8 hours drives me nuts. It either do that or go take a walk around the building, which they would frown at too.

    Soo, can you play wolf standing?

  2. Yea, sitting down sucks. Sitting down when its a beautiful day outside sucks even more!

    Whether or not I could game on my PC while standing was the first thing I wondered when I started using that setup, and to my surprise, It’s just as easy as sitting! The only difference is laziness. Obviously gaming is recreational and you usually want to be as relaxed as possible when you’re doing something recreational, so after only a few minutes I really craved my chair!

    Never the less, playing XSTAB is nice because I can stand and play as long as I’m alive. When I’m dead for the round, I sit down and watch others play. 🙂