SimplrRaam – Modified Simplr Theme

As you can see, I am now using a modified version of the WordPress Simplr theme by Scott. It took me a good 4 1/2 hours to modify and to make sure everything was working the way I wanted it to.


  • The sidebar has been moved from the bottom to the right.
  • Single post pages are shown without any sidebar to make room for actual post content when you're reading the post.
  • Each of the pages (About, Contact, Archives, etc) also do not show the sidebar.
  • From the main page, when you click one of the categories from the sidebar to browse the posts in that category, you will be provided with a sidebar to further navigate via categories while you're reading posts.
  • The theme is designed to stretch with the browser window, so it should work on many different resolutions (even 640x480, though that wouldn't be very usable)
  • Moved the title of the blog into the top left corner, on the same line as the page links
  • Moved the tagline (my quote) to the right corner, under the page links

Important Installation Notes:

  • You can no longer use the Simplr Layout Width or Sidebar Layout options.
  • You MUST change Layout Width to 95% once you have activated the theme.
  • I recommend you set the Base Font Size to 75%
  • If you change the Base Font Size option to something greater than 75%, you may need to increase the following in style.css: div.postcontainer { margin-right: 330px; }
  • The rest of the Simplr options should work.


Download: (379kb)

Keep in mind that I did this in a hurry, so many of my changes to the theme files are not documented. I also plugged in extra CSS styles where I needed to get things working. Please feel free to post comments, fixes, or suggestions to this theme below.

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  1. The easiest place to change the Layout and Font percent’s are in the Theme Options (Options -> SimplrRaam Options). If you’re interested in really tweaking the theme, you can edit stuff in the Stylesheet (style.css), but that can get really messy if you have no clue what you’re doing.

    Feel free to ask if you have any other specific questions. 🙂