Cumberland RD Studio Rented

A few weeks ago I listed two of my vacant rental units on CraigsList. One of them, the studio, has been rented (for $750, not $800 as shown in the AD). This was the first time I've used CraigsList to rent one of my units. In the past, I've always placed an AD in the Lowell Sun, which costs $110 for two weeks -- a lot more expensive than CraigsList, which is free. I also feel that advertising online pre-screens most of the tenants. Those who have a computer and know how to use one are more likely to be reliable tenants than someone who picked up a newspaper off the street.

I tasked my brother with taking the calls and scheduling showings, which took a huge load off my shoulders. This was the first time I've ever had a rental agreement signed, and the deposit in hand, without ever meeting the tenants in person.

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