Google Calendar in Thunderbird

I came across a really cool solution for viewing your Google Calendar from within Mozilla Thunderbird. I've been using Thunderbird for a few years now, for both personal email and work email. I thoroughly enjoy it over any other solution, however I've recently decided to put the time and effort into setting up and learning Mutt, a very old and popular text based email client that is endlessly configurable.

Never the less, the Provider plugin which makes it possible to view your Google Calendar from within Thunderbird also works with Sunbird, Mozilla's open-source calendar application. I remember trying Sunbird a few years ago when it was in alpha stages and it was really rough around the edges. It has since improved dramatically so I'll probably end up using it one way or another, even after I switch email clients.

Now if only Mr. Oldervoll would fix a couple of the bugs in GCalSync, I'd be able to sync my Google Calendar with my Blackberry worry-free and have an all-in-one solution!

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