Upgraded WordPress

Well, I took the plunge and upgraded my WordPress installation from 2.0.1 to version 2.1.2. I few weeks ago was going to do the upgrade to version 2.1.1, but I decided to wait a bit longer. Damn good thing I waited -- only four days later it was discovered that someone cracked the 2.1.1 WordPress files and allowed dangerous code to be executed.

Now it's been a few weeks since the updated version was released, so I feel comfortable about upgrading. During the upgrade process I forgot the step to disable all the plugins. When I copied the new files to my web server, my whole blog installation was screwed up. So, praying to god that the backups I made would work, I deleted everything and restored the backups.

Long story short, I eventually got everything working with the latest version of WordPress. I had to install a new plugin called RunPHP, so that I could get the SRG Clean Archives plugin working again. The entire blog feels a bit more responsive, which is always good.

Please let me know if you notice anything broken or anything that doesn't look right!

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