Replaced Akismet plugin with Challenge 1.1

I'm sick of scanning through the list of comments caught by Akismet to see if there are any false-positives -- I have had a few false-positives, namely from DJT.

So I've deactivated Akismet and installed Challenge 1.1. It works by asking the commenter a question. If the correct answer is provided, the comment is posted. I can customize Challenge to ask any question, however I'm currently using a simple, random math problem. Hopefully this plugin will save me from scanning through hundreds of spam comment posts.

One thing I would like to fix, though I don't think it will be an easy fix, is to save the contents of the users comment in case he enters the wrong answer. Right now, if you enter the wrong answer and click Post, it gives you a message saying you entered the wrong answer. However, when you press the Back button in your browser, you have to retype your comment. So get the answer right the first time!

Go ahead and leave a comment to try out the new system.

EDIT: After deactivating Akismet, I started getting a lot of TrackBack spam. Since Akismet doesn't have any option to only filter TrackBack's, I've decided to disable link notifications altogether.

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  1. Crap… maybe I did enter the correct amount that one time… You got anything for memory loss?

    Your either very bad in math, or you are a damn spam bot! If you are the former, then try again, otherwise GO AWAY!

  2. LOL DJT, I knew you’d be the first to test all limits of the new spam filtering system. 😉

    Can you try commenting from home to make sure it doesn’t catch it as spam again? (spam filtering is disabled, so there is no reason it should). Thanks!

  3. ROFL…. did it from home too…. since I’ve never been able to post from home to this site. I usually had to read your recent blog then come to work and post about it, but by that time I forgot what I wanted to say. Which is prolly a good thing.

    Last night postings…
    Then my posts don’t make sense. My first and third posts are listed. My 2nd post, I added 5+6=5 🙂 and it showed it as a working post till I posted my 3rd post poking fun that it didn’t work and it did…. 😕