– the unofficial google shell uses AJAX and CSS to mimic a command line interface in your browser. You can type commands to search Google Web, Images, Feeds, Blogs, News, and Wikipedia.


Probably the coolest part is that you can open a result in a new browser tab by simply typing the number next to the result! You can also type "open" from the command line to open that URL in a new tab.

You can also switch to a particular search mode by simply typing the mode. For example, to search only Wikipedia just type 'wiki' to switch into that mode. The prompt will change to '/wiki' and subsequent searches will be for Wikipedia. Awesome!

You can type an address in 'web' mode and it will display the Google Map with a link to visit the address on Google Maps.

Here is the output of the 'help' command:

goosh help

Google calculator functions don't work and searching for "define: bagatelle" returns nothing. I use those two functions quite often, so I won't be switching to goosh anytime soon. However, it has reminded me how nice it is to do web-based things from the command line. There is a utility called surfraw that, when combined with screen and elinks, can give you a powerful command line search interface.

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