Struggling with Online Photo Organization

I've been seeing so many WordPress blogs with integrated Flickr photo streams showing off their photos and it's really making me want to do something similar with my photos. If I had an easy way to share photos I think I would do a lot more quality photography (just as this blog allows me to easily write and publish anything).

I created a Flickr account awhile back and uploaded some photos to my account to try out the features. Flickr is OK, but I hate the idea of relying on someone else's service. Plus, there's the whole paying-for-extra-storage thing that I really don't want to think about. I'm sure I could modify the script powering my current gallery to make it integrate more nicely with this blog and perhaps even take some design lessons from Flickr.

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  1. Check out – I have a pro account which is 140.00 a year. On the pro, you can fully customize your layout – which you would have no problem doing. My account: (I haven’t done any customizing to it)

  2. I’m just really hell-bent on hosting my own photos. I hate the idea of giving someone else control over all my stuff, especially when I’m going to put all that time into organizing it. And since I already have so much web space available, I feel like I can’t justify paying for a service.

    Even if there was a free service, I’d be too paranoid to host important stuff with them (I don’t even use GMail or Yahoo to store all my email; I have all my email stored on my own server!). If anything, I’d figure out how I can use the free service as a bandwidth backup in case one of my photos starts getting a lot of traffic. It’s really just bandwidth that’s the issue anyway. Bandwidth is more costly, and can increase a lot more quickly, than disk space.