Unable to connect using Sprint U727 on Leopard – FIXED

After so many hours trying to fix the damn U727 USB Sprint card, I finally have it working again. It was working fine up until about a week ago when it mysteriously stopped working. I was getting all kinds of messages, including "Unable to connect" and several seemingly useless messages in /var/log/ppp.log: "Connect script failed", "LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests", "CCLExit: -6021 (No carrier.)", and "CCLExit: -6019 (Modem error, modem not responding.)".

I finally came across this post that included a list of steps which billio discovered fixed the problem for him. I am re-posting his steps here (I hope he doesn't mind):

1. Remove the Novatel USB device.

2. Download the latest driver package for Mac OS X from Sprint. It says it is for Tiger (10.4) but it seems to work.

3. Delete (sudo rm -rf) all the Novatel files from /System/Library/Extentions. Reboot.

4. Run the mpkg installer for the Sprint drivers.

5. Reboot.

6. Open Network Preferences; plug in the Novatel device; click “+” and add “Novatel CDMA” device.

7. Click “Advanced” button. Change vendor to Novatel and Model to CDMA.

8. Click “Connect” and it works.

And I couldn't believe it, but that actually worked! (I'm writing this post using the Sprint card right now.) You can find the Sprint drivers here (select MAC OS from the drop down and download the Sprint SmartView software).

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  2. Normally, I would delete the previous comment because I know it’s just spam, but it’s spam that’s actually relevant to this post and the Cradlepoint router looks really cool.

  3. Thanks for your “fixed” post. But it didn’t do it for my Mac running 10.5.6. Because I live in a remote area now, the Sprint Smartview
    seemed it would be great. I started out with a Sierra card which ran on and off with a lot of tricking for a while but nothing held and there was no consistency to the problems. Then I got a Novatel; similar problems. A manager at the local Sprint store gave me a newer SmartView version 1.86.0016.0. Then there was only one problem: it would unplug itself. A Mac tech told me that was happening to others and the only fix was to physically unplug and restart. This wasn’t too convenient especially as it would sometimes unplug in 10 minutes or less; sometimes it would go for an hour. Finally, I figured out that this was only happening when I connected by opening through the SmartView alias. If I connect through network preferences, there is no problem. I don’t have speed, etc. menu then, but that is a very small loss compared to being able to stay connected for as long as I want with no unplugging! Thought I would pass this along in case anyone else would find it useful.