Cooking food with positive thoughts and positive energy

While sitting at my favorite vegan cafe, Life Alive, I overheard one of the employees telling a new employee about the importance of positive energy and positive thoughts when making rice. Yes, making rice. She was explaining how even if it's been a busy day and you're frustrated, it's important not to put negative energy and negative thoughts into the rice. Whether or not that's the primary reason the food tastes so good, I'm willing to bet it plays a big role. (I would reference Masaru Emoto's Messages from Water research, but it has yet to be scientifically proven.)

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  1. Interesting…. will have to read M Emoto’s messages from water later. I’ll think positive thoughts the next time I’m washing and cooking rice, instead of being in a hurry to get the chore done.

  2. A lot of love goes into good food. That’s not to say love for the person that will be consuming it, but the love of cooking, at the least. I don’t trust bald barbers, skinny cooks, or grumpy cooks.

    … which might explain why I was never willing to eat the ex’s cooking, though she kept going on and on about her culinary arts degree. Grumpy cowgirl is grumpy.