Fruits and Veggies for a Week

I went food shopping today, at Whole Foods. It's not the cheapest place to shop, but they certainly have good stuff. I always shop for the current week, nothing more. By the end of the week everything in my fridge should be gone (besides peanut butter, jam, flax oil, etc).

The rest of my diet includes whole wheat bread, tempeh, brown rice, beans, whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereal, assorted nuts, and soy milk. My fruits I eat raw, and I usually steam veggies in the microwave (1 inch of water on the bottom of a bowl, add washed veggies and microwave for 5 min). Although I've been avoiding all dairy for the past few months, I've recently introduced whey protein back into my diet to help with my muscle gains.

This week I'm also trying something new, soy yogurt. I've read the live cultures in yogurt are really good for your digestive system and since I've been having odd digestion issues, I'm going to see how that helps.

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  1. Yes, by example is always the best.

    There is no better way to learn, or realize you should change, than by learning or realizing it yourself.

  2. “I’ve been having odd digestion issues”

    I fine when I have odd digestion issues, it’s most likely due to eating Chinese food with peanut oil… to solve my problems – Imodium must be taken.

  3. I avoid Chinese food at all cost. 🙂 Too much grease and oil for me. Some soups are pretty good though. I’ve never tried Imodium… Usually the digestion issues feel like they’re related to either overeating or simply eating too much of the wrong food. I’m always trying to figure out which foods I eat too much of so that I can trim them down from my diet.

    I’m trying something new this week: a huge variety of foods in small portions throughout the day. So far so good…

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  5. Thanks Mom… A spam bot is a computer program that creates fake comments on peoples’ blogs to advertise junk. The little math question helps prevent that, since the spam bot probably won’t be smart enough to answer the question. 🙂

    DJT: Get a real keyboard. 😀