Zoomism: Navigate by Zooming

Zoomism allows you to navigate the site entirely by zooming. It's actually really fun and works quite well -- a lot more adventurous than scanning and clicking URLs on a page. The site is using Flash to make all this happen so obvious downsides exists (e.g., you cannot select text or easily save images), however I think there is real potential in this concept. I would love to have a tool that allowed me to generate a gigantic map of an entire website that I can explore by zooming!

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  1. thanks and very well put, also about the downsides. And the idea of a software that generates a zoomable interface from any selected website is strong and yet didn’t occur to me. A zoom-browser so to say.

    • I was amazed at how much fun exploring the huge landscape on zoomisim.com became for me… for a site with practically nothing useful to me, I actually had fun. I can’t imagine how much more fun exploring something like Wikipedia would be (though that makes me wonder how lots of text changes the zooming dynamic).

  2. Text slows down a lot, but you would have to let the text load only when needed and then de-load it. So Wiki-Zoom sure would be possible.

    • Hey Martino,

      Yes, it looks like it’s gone. Unfortunately that seems to be the way with lots of sites on the web… few seem to really stand the test of time!