Reader Survey Results for May 2010

After three months of budget hotels, rough buses, and grimy restaurants, the past few days here in Delhi have been nothing short of luxury. I've been in New Delhi only a few days, but it feels like it has been weeks. The wedding I was invited to has been incredible and I'm sure you will all love the photos (I will upload them soon, I promise!).

I'm staying with close friends whom I consider family and they have been incredibly generous to me; tea in the morning, home cooked meals for lunch, afternoon naps, a nice place to sleep, and an abundance of love and kindness.

Their home is located in a relatively new area of Delhi, with gated communities, wide streets, and a partially running metro that is still under construction. The wedding itself took place between their home and the only five star hotel where pure vegetarian food is served.


A few weeks ago I announced that I was doing a reader survey to help me better understand what you were interested in hearing more of on this blog. The response has been fantastic and I really appreciate everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

As promised, here are the results:

The current publishing schedule is three times per week (Mon, Wed, Fri). Are you happy with this frequency?

  • 89% said I'm happy with the current posting frequency.
  • 10% said I want to see more!

Would you like to see more travel-specific content about the places I'm exploring, or do you enjoy reading about the philosophical life lessons that I learn through my travel experiences?

  • 52% said I'm happy with the content; don't change anything!
  • 37% said I would like to see more travel-related content.
  • 10% said I would like to see more life lessons and philosophical-type content.

I'm working on a free eBook about how to be the master of your own destiny. It's basically going to use bits and pieces of my own life to show how you can live more independently and grow your knowledge without limits. Does this sound like something you would download?

  • 84% said Yes you would download my upcoming ebook
  • 16% said Maybe you would download my upcoming ebook

Why do you read my blog?

  • 79% said For the different perspective you bring
  • 74% said To read about the places you travel
  • 68% said For inspiration & motivation
  • 63% said To read about being a minimalistic nomad
  • 47% said For personal development content
  • 31% said Just to see what you're up to

What would you like me to write more about? How can I help you?

There were several overlapping suggestions in response to this question. I will list the most common ones here:

  • Continue writing the Frugal Travel Reports, as they are both insightful and motivational
  • Make my posts more conversational and encourage commenting and discussion
  • Write more about my past adventures, life, and lessons learned
  • Write more on my view of happiness and the day-to-day things that influence my mental and emotional states
  • More photos
  • Write more about the social interactions and people I encounter during my travels

This survey generated exactly the type of feedback I was looking for and I have already begun to implement some of the suggestions. I'm considering doing a quarterly reader survey to keep the feedback coming in. What do you think?


The new experiences over the past two days have left me in a very reflective state and my head has been overflowing with ideas, observations, and blog topics since arriving here in Delhi.

I will spend the next two weeks exploring the city, writing, catching up on several freelance projects, working on my ebook, and relaxing before hopping on a plane to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia en route to Vietnam. I don't know what the Internet situation will be like when I arrive in Vietnam, so I'm trying to get as much done as possible before I leave.

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  1. Keep being yourself Raam, you’ll attract the right people. Don’t be afraid of changing direction as the right people are right for you.

    Keep writing on inspiration – keep keeping your eye out for truth and meaning.

  2. Raaaaam, more photos, that was from me, dear! Don’t forget….And a lot of other good comments too of course….Take good care and stay well and safe! 🙂

  3. Blogging is always a bit about standing out from the rest of the crowd and you definitely do just that by your modesty and simplicity. Keep doing what you do, Raam! Great work!

    • Much appreciated, Bart! Real blogging is definitely about being true to oneself and sharing perspective.

      I really enjoyed your writing and I hope you’ll take up blogging again when you have more free time!

  4. Internet will be fine in Vietnam…. well… as long as someone doesn’t cut off the internet connection to the whole country like they did a few years back when salvaging some wires under the sea… lol

    I had a strong signal at the Uncles place too… but it was a secure network 🙁 Maybe we can pick something up this next time.

    • I remember the wires being cut under the sea. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen again! I might have to swim down there and reconnect them myself if it does. 😀


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