Caged Dreams

A caged bird unable to fly will go crazy and pluck its own feathers, leaving patches of skin naked and raw. Feather-plucking represents self-inflicted destruction in response to the stress of captivity and loneliness.

Like a captive bird, your dreams will commit ritual suicide if they're held hostage in a cage of reason and self-doubting routine. If held back from realizing their potential, your dreams will turn to cannibalism.

Don't let that happen. Lose yourself today. Free your wildest dreams from the cage that is your logical, must-be-serious subconscious. Give your dreams permission to leap into the abyss of potential. Give them permission to spread their wings and soar through the skies of possibility. Ask yourself, "What if?"

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  1. Raam, I cannot think of anything worse than going around with huge raw bald spots. I’m working on setting my dreams free – immediately!

    Seriously, I can relate though. In the last 5 years of frustration with my current lifestyle really wore me down. Now that I’m moving closer to making my dreams a reality I feel renewed and restored! No more feather plucking for me.

    • Angela, I know exactly what you mean by feeling renewed and restored. That’s exactly how my life felt when I finally committed to changing my lifestyle, getting rid of all my stuff, and becoming a nomad.

      When we know we’re on the path to making our dreams a reality, happiness and contentment flow freely.

  2. perfect timing..I have about one feather left and its exotic and beautiful and you saved it just in time…NOW open that cage!

    • It is a terrible thing… I was over a friends house recently and she had a pet parrot who had pecked the feathers off its chest. That’s what got me thinking about how anything that’s caged — anything that’s not free — is unnatural.

      When I committed to changing my lifestyle late in 2009, it was because I felt my dreams dying. They had been caged and ignored for so long that they were giving up hope.

      The same thing happens when we fail to believe in our individual potential — when we keep ourselves in a cage of self-doubt, we slowly kill everything it means to be alive.

  3. Hi Raam While I have been learning how to setbmy dreams fee while stiil giving them a place to rest I have found myself wondering about other disabled people. Many literally have no voice and are socirty seems quite happy towatch them give up on life so much that many become like zombies and barely exist. So maybe the collective of sumanity needs to see it’s own self abuse?

    • Hi Gary,

      I think a lot of that largely stems from our attitude about how we value people. Corporations have encouraged us to think about and compare each other in terms of material wealth and our individual ability to create wealth on our own.

      We need to see all human life as having equal value and get rid of the disparity in our valuation. Only when we really treat each other as equals — regardless of our physical or mental capacity — only then will we be able to come together collectively

  4. Hi Raam That is a great answer. I fully agree we have been brainwashed to compare ourselves and othter in the manner you mention. Now if someone would develop a un brainwashing program to help unlearn all that cororate goble de goop.


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