Do something silly

Look up at the sky. Do you see the moon? Look at that moon and say, I want to go up there.

That's silly (except now it's not).

Look at that car, that big hunk of metal and say, I want to put that up in the sky and make it move around.

That's silly (until someone decided it wasn't).

Look at that overweight guy sweating buckets in the gym. He wants to compete in a bodybuilding contest.

That's silly (until he decides to win the contest).

Look at that single-mother of six working two full-time jobs to support her family. She wants to build her own business and be her own boss.

That's silly (until she decides it's not).

What we're capable of is not determined by how unrealistic or unlikely it seems. What we're capable of is determined by how willingly we embrace looking silly and risking failure.

Failure is not silly. Attempting the impossible is not silly. Having no idea what you're doing is not silly.

The only thing that's silly is dismissing something because it seems crazy and impossible. If something calls you to do the impossible, then go, be crazy.

Do something silly.

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  1. thanks for this!
    I often do feel silly when following my passion and becoming deliriously giddy at the possibilities that await me. I feel amazing and then I feel silly for feeling that it is possible.
    Now when I feel silly, I will remind myself that it is only silly if I stop doing it.
    I love a timely post, the emotional encouragement is priceless 🙂
    Much love,

    • Dreaming that the seemingly impossible is actually possible will definitely feel silly, but that’s why the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who usually do. 🙂

  2. Excellent Raam exceptionally well put says it all for me!!!!! Good points – ask for everything you might just get it!!! Thanks for the output!

  3. “Failure is not silly”; does Raam remember life of djt………. failures are silly 😛

    But I guess DJT did learn from his failures.
    Learnt not to accidentally give wife’s sweaters to local charity.
    Learnt water fountain in middle of basement floor was really a hole in the floor flooding the basement.
    Learnt riding a bicycle in the basement is one way to get new washing machine.
    Learnt when trying to get bat out of house when you think it’s dead it’s not.

    Plus life of djt………. made others smile and that was the whole point 😉

    DJT no like points tho, points can hurt, trust me djt knows all to well……….

    What was this topic about? 😕

  4. Hi Raam!
    You someday wrote that it’s silly to wash cars and every time a though to wash my cars comes to me it simultaneously reminds me your entry.

    I write to say that it’s not so silly how it could appear if you do not drive a car.
    Yes, rain washes away a certain percent of dirt but nevertheless the car is not clean.
    I agree that absolutely clean car are not needed (only wanted) but if a car is so dirty that it could make you or your passengers dirty too… it’s time to wash it.
    And sometimes it happens even at rainy period.

    • Hey Pavel,

      If I remember correctly, the post you’re referring to was probably the one I wrote when I owned a used, beat up truck. I remember thinking how owning brand new things causes us to feel the need to keep them clean and new, always worrying about their condition and aesthetic appeal , etc. But if we buy things that are used and working, then we’re more concerned with its functionality, not its appearance. 🙂

  5. Hi Raam,
    So much to love about this, thank you for the reminder that *everything* truly is possible when I believe it to be so.
    I wonder, what is your latest ‘silly’ endeavor..what are you working on that is “impossible”?

    • Hi Joy,

      ‘Silly’ is a very perceptual thing, so sharing my latest silly endeavor will likely not appear silly to you. 🙂

      But since you asked, here’s something I’ve been doing lately that I consider ‘silly’: I use a task manager to keep track of things I need to get done during a given week and I’m making a habit to go over and create a “today’s to-do list” every morning.

      Along with the list of things I review, I’ve been making little notes for other habits that I want to create or change. Each habit includes a little message to myself, a short sentence that reminds me of its importance or gives me something easy to remember as I repeat it each day. For example, “Tea not HDC (Heavy Doses of Caffeine)”, and “Wake early (meet the sun, don’t chase it!)”, and “RUN, running is pure, use those legs or lose those legs”.

      Reciting each of these items every morning that I review my tasks helps reinforce the desire to make those changes. Some days I don’t drink only tea, or wake early, or run, but every day I’m reminding of my desire to do so and I can decide if it’s still important to me and continue making changes.

  6. “Attempting the impossible is not silly”.

    I like this one. IF nobody ever attempted the impossible, image all the societal and technological advances we’d be missing out on!

    With so many forces in life telling us we can’t do something, it’s refreshing to hear of people who ignore this and use their unyielding will to push forward.

    Have a great 2012 Raam!


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