Move Forward

It's better to move forward tripping, falling, bruised, and scratched, than to sit down, give up, and feel bad for ourselves.

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  1. Oh yes. Stand up, dust down, carry on, with spirit.

    One other thing. Don’t give up. Keep digging. Don’t be the one who stopped just a metre short of the seam of gold, after digging only earth for years on end. Give it that extra 1%, that extra 1 minute.

    • Absolutely! It’s often when we’re ready to give up that the summit is just beyond the next hill. Giving 110% all the time ensures that we don’t give up before the fruits of our labor come to the forefront. 🙂

  2. 🙂 Plugging away on this journey you triggered. It’s been real at times & so disconnected from reality in others. I’m not sure whether to thank or curse you…so I’ll thank you in remembrance of awesome times, & hope that summit really exists. It seems mythical most of the time… *wrinkles nose*

  3. oh. yes.

    how.. true, and lightly inspirational… (lightly not in the sense of intensity, but gentleness! :))