Resist the Bandwagon

Resist the temptation to ride the bandwagon; life has too much to offer to let someone else take the helm.

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  1. I *love* this thought! As the literal captain of my ship, and one who leads charters on others ships, I am extremely familiar with being on the helm..
    I will say, though, that some of my best days have been those that I’ve stretched out on the bow of the boat, basking in the sunshine and praising the beauty of the scenery while someone else takes the helm for a bit. I think it’s balance, have the skills and confidence to take the helm, yet have the faith to relinquish control and be a passenger and in any position may you open your heart to enjoy every moment of the ride….

    • Thank you, Joy. I feel that when we have the skills and confidence to take the helm at moments notice — when we really live with that level of clarity and confidence in our true self, fully aware of our real essence — then we’re able to effortless release control and enjoy being carried in the moment.

      But you’re right: It definitely requires skill and the ability to balance. 🙂