You are not who you say you are

It's easy to complain. It's easy to talk. It's easy to wish, and dream, and plan for what comes next. You can wait around for things to change but waiting does nothing more than mask the fact that time is ruthlessly taking away your life, one second at a time. If you really want something to change, you need to stand up and take deliberate and intentional action. You can talk and dream all you want, but you are not who you say you are. You are what you do.

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    • Hi Patricia! I’m so happy you enjoyed this! πŸ™‚

      Actions not only speak louder than words, but they get a lot more stuff done!! It’s amazing how easily we can fool ourselves into believing that if we just wish long and hard enough, something will happen to cause things to change. It just doesn’t work like that! We change when we choose to take the steps necessary to change, no matter how challenging or uncomfortable.

  1. Hi Raam… Tia sent me and I’m glad she did. Actions do speak louder than words… and sometimes our thoughts can do us in [grin] I revealed to my daughter yesterday that “I may not be who I say I am” [artist-writer-curious dreamer] to which she replied “Mum… you are what you do” Coincidence maybe. But I stand reaffirmed. Thank goodness for that! (((chuckles)))

    Wonderful post Raam. A simple message so well said. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. I am creating a new do so requires that I release old comfortable patterns and thoughts that no longer fit..and embrace new, even if I’m afraid, even if I’m “alone”…I put alone in quotes, because I find I am never alone, I am quite connected, it is for me to open my heart to that connectectedness. I love that you shared this today, because I find lots of people say lots of things, but I tend to not listen..*show* me who you are..allow me to look into your life and to know you by what I See is there, not what you tell me are your favorites, passions, dreams, what is actually in your life..This is how I live, and what many people do not understand. Words are not necessary to connect, it’s the doing that connects me you are loving, kind, generous, a person of faith, and I will show you the same..Awesome to read this today!

    • Thank you, Joy!

      Whenever I catch myself thinking about something that I “wish” was different, I try to hold my tongue and instead figure out what I can “do” instead. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the way I write, with intention and conviction instead of doubt and wishy-washy statements. The statement “be yourself” is so applicable too… if we’re being ourself, we won’t be talking about what we “could” be or holding onto old patterns, grudges, or emotional attachments.

  3. Hello. I read Tia’s post on FB and ran right over to check out the quiet stranger….and you are not a stranger anymore.

    I have reposted this blog post on my FB page VINTAGE FASHION SPY:

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. That little thought of yours is simple, yet incredibly profound, and exactly what I needed to see. Lately, there is this little nagging thought in my head that tells me to look at what I’ve accomplished, or to be exact, what I have not. We tend to get a little too comfortable in our skins that we forget that there are miles to go before we sleep. I thank you for the this nugget of inspiration. Keep ’em coming!

    • I find there is a balance we need to discover between living “for today”, being aware of the wisdom from the past, and recognizing the potential of the future. The emphasis needs to be on today, on the moment. Praising our accomplishments or dwelling on our failures only serves to detract us from right now. And since today contains the greatest potential of all our life, what a shame it would be to waste it!

  5. Wow that really hit me between the eyes. You are right. You are what you do not what you say. Whew what an eyeopener. (no pun intended.)

  6. Well said, Raam. What we can do right now in order to change is to be aware of what’s happening to us and to choose our own path. But I bet a number of people are unaware if the fact that they have choices many more than they think. Or perhaps they choose not to choose. I wonder what would be the best way to let people know that they can choose their path.


    • Hi Masa,

      You pose an interesting question: What’s the best way to let people know they can choose their own path? I think all we can do is walk our path and be an example. We can let others see that walking our own path can and should be done. Instead of trying to preach, convert, or teach, others will learn silently through seeing our example.

      • Thanks, Raam. I agree with you in the bottom line, and I’m inclined to think that it’s not enough that we walk our path and become an example. That is, I believe if we want to make a change, we need to be very clear about our intention of making a change and to walk our path as an example. We can’t just hope that others will see us somewhere somehow and silently learn from us. I’m not saying that you are one of such people who hope, and I’m pretty sure you are not like that, but I want to clarify things for my own understanding.

        In short, what I’m saying is: if we want to make a change and create an impact on people, we need to make sure to let others see us walk our path.

        Writing this reply reminded me of Benjamin Zander’s TED talk – have you seen it? If not, I highly recommend it to you! πŸ™‚

        • Masa, you’re absolutely right. And that’s the very reason I write here. I’m very quiet, reserved, and private in person (“in the real world”), but with writing I can convey things that I find trouble expressing otherwise.

          By focusing my creative work through writing and publishing online, I feel that my example will have the greatest impact. However, I think it’s important to not stop there… we need to actually get into the real world and do things.

          The Internet is making it easier and easier to live out our lives in our heads, talking and hoping that our vision of the world (and of ourselves!) will somehow come to fruition. But that’s a dangerous black hole for time and for life. We need to live out those ideals and take action.

    • We can never have too many reminders! Courage comes from one place: within. If we want to help others gain that courage, all we can do is be an example to inspire them to turn inward, to introspect and grow from the inside out.

  7. Very true. For many fear and comfort is a real and a major roadblock to change. But seeing you do it is definitely a motivator.

    • Fear and comfort cause us to sulk and dwell on what has been and what could be, instead of using the past to give us courage, the future to give us hope, and the present to create something extraordinary!

  8. That was just the right thing to hear today…so its time for doing. I want to start a new life and a new , join a new tribe, live abundantly and simply…step by step I am moving towards this! so I must remember to walk today and move forward in doing! Thankyou

    • I’m so happy you’re “on the move”, Gina! There are so many wonderful people who will support and inspire you on your journey (just look at some of the people who left comments here!).

      You’re on the right path; just keep putting one foot in front of the other! πŸ™‚

  9. This is so true, people talk a lot, complain a lot, but it seems like they don’t act enough to bring about the changes they want to see. I love your site, it’s so inspiring, I’m glad I found it and I have no idea why I did it so late! πŸ™‚


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