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    • I was watching a friends’ 4-year-old kid eat McDonalds last night and I felt so bad for how the child doesn’t know any better. But then I realized that by the time the child can make her own decisions, her body will still have a chance of being saved. So I think what’s important is education in general. We need kids to know what crap food actually is and how harmful it can be to our bodies and health.

      And that leads us back to the parents and the adults. If they see the importance of this, then they can make decisions that benefit the kids as they grow up.

      I don’t think it’s a race. I think it’s more of a journey we all on together: either we’re on a crap journey–veggies mixed with oils and artificial junk–or it’s a clean, inviting, healthy journey that contributes to our overall health and wellbeing.