Freedom comes with Responsibility

A society that gains the freedom of self-governance and freedom of speech also gains the responsibility to speak up and take action when it recognizes injustice, corruption, cruelty, prejudice, deception, or discrimination taking place within its community.

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  1. I agree. But if you’re punished for trying to take action against injustice, corruption, prejudice, deception or discrimination, then you’re not in such a society and you have no freedom

    • True, but there is something we all have inside that nobody can take from us. Embracing that and living from that space gives us the freedom to stand up to, and tackle, injustice elsewhere. 🙂

  2. This is a very important part of this society..very necessary to keep things positive and not hay wire ..what is happening in Florida is a good thing ..sounds like the laws are very lax there and need to be changed..


  • Melissa Sharman April 4, 2012
  • ageekgirl April 4, 2012