Embracing How Little We Know

Embracing the reality of how little we know takes more than saying we don't know everything. We must welcome an ocean of humility.

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  1. I have personally experienced both sides of the humility scale. Trying to achieve, progress and continue to learn and thrive in the ever changing flux of a world we live in definitely requires a level of humility.

    Watching my 30’s come to an end and noticing that during periods of less humility I have grown the least I am consciously working on becoming more humble, crashing a few times helps a bit too, lol.

    Doing research, history and current times have examples of a sort of humble warrior. Always learning, helping, growing.

    • I published this thought exactly one week ago, the night before my daughter was born. Ananda is six days old (to the minute, actually; she was born at 4:50pm) and I’ve been humbled over and over at the sheer incredibleness that is a newborn baby. My 30s began about two years ago and I can only imagine how much I’ll learn over the next ten years, and how much I’ll learn that I didn’t know.

      Being humble leads to openness while the opposite, pride, closes us. Just as a closed hand cannot give food, a closed mind cannot receive wisdom. 🙂