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  1. Great quote! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    I wouldn’t say that “writing” down my thoughts is a requirement, but deep thought that leads me to realization requires more than just thinking. It requires moments of great clarity. Writing down my thoughts can often help with this. Sharing my thoughts with others, getting feedback; or just creating some alone time helps me too.

    • Thanks for commenting, Jason. 🙂

      What this quote made me realize is just how little structured thought we can hold in our heads at any given time and why writing is such a powerful amplifier for thinking. Think about when we’re coding: How much coding do we do without actually touching the keyboard and writing stuff out? Sure, we can think about how to tackle a problem and we can brainstorm architecture, but really we need to start getting stuff out of our head and putting it down somewhere so that we can elaborate and decide what we think about our thoughts. This paragraph alone is a good example of this. I had no idea I was going to say everything I said here until I started writing it down, and then adding, and then thinking about what I wrote, and adding some more. I couldn’t have had this entire paragraph as a thought. I needed to write to think.