beat me to the punchline

For the past two years or so, I've been slowly working on a website called However, while reading LifeHacker I came across a site called Apparently, they beat me to the punchline.

Their site looks great and has very similar features as what I had planned for There are a couple of things I planned on doing differently, such as the ability to quickly create a note without logging in or authenticating yourself, but there were a lot of things I hadn't even thought of, such as the ability to export notes as a PDF or share notes with other NoteSake users.

I tried creating an account on to try out the features, however I'm still waiting for the email that contains the confirmation URL (which is another reason I disliked the idea of requiring an account).

Perhaps I will continue to develop simply because it would be a tool I would find very useful. Besides, doesn't really have any competition. Yet. 🙂

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